Monday, 4 May 2015

Review- Asda Piñata Surprise! Cake

Asda's birthday cake aisle is a dangerous place to be on a Friday morning. It is always a plethora of discounted cakes! I picked up the Piñata Surprise! for £7.92 rather than its usual £12. It was a bit battered and bruised but I wasn't to fussed - it was far to colourful to refuse! 

Scrummy sponge with our funky frosting and sweet plum and raspberry jam, bursting with crispy, crunchy chocolate beans. 

I am not sure if someone had been chucking the box around or what but the cake had slid across the board, the swirly frosting was all a bit squashed and the chocolate beans had fallen out of the centre. 

Sadly, not the most attractive looking cake in the world when cut! 

I am always impressed by how light and relatively moist the Madeira sponge of Asda cakes are - this was no exception. It was soft and airy with a lovely vanilla flavour. It made a great pairing to the fruity jam even if I was a bit disappointed by the lack of its presence in the first layer! The frosting was pure vanilla-y sugar. I felt as though the proportion of it to cake was a little off given how super sweet it was. The 'all over the place' chocolate beans were a nice crunchy contrast to all the soft textures. The chocolate itself wasn't anything remarkable - saying that you wouldn't expect or want anything to fancy with a cake like this! 

Overall, for just under £8 this isn't a bad offering from Asda. Less frosting and more jam and they would be onto a winner! It would make a fab kids party cake - I am sure they would all go mad for the bright coloured frosting and 'hidden' chocolate beans.. That's if you can find one that doesn't look like it's gone for a purler down the stairs! It's a 3.5 out of 5 from me. 

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