Sunday, 17 May 2015

Betty Bakes Bonanza!

Hello Snack Army!

I am very excited to announce that starting tomorrow here on 'Reaching for Refreshment', we are going to be having a week long, Betty Bakes Bonanza!

6 Days, 6 Bars, 6 Reviews. No longer think of 666, being the devil.. Betty has been sent down as an angel from heaven, to satisfy all our sweet tooth cravings. 

Betty Bio
Betty Bakes prides herself on using fresh, locally sourced, natural ingredients to produce her no additive, gluten & wheat-free traybake bars. From Shortbreads to Brownies, to Flapjacks, there is something to please everyone! 

Image sourced from the lovely website that is home to Betty and her heavenly cakes:

Here's a sneak peek of the bars that are coming up next week:

L-R Bakewell, Toffee Tiffin, Raspberry & Coconut, Billionaire, Lemon Meringue & White Chocolate, OMG Bar. 

A massive thank you to Betty and her fantastic helpers for very generously sending me all these delicious looking treats! 

Stay tuned - Up first is the Bakewell Bar.  I shall see you all tomorrow! 

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