Thursday, 21 May 2015

Betty Bakes Bonanza Day 4 - Billionaire Bar

Why have Millionaires Shortbread when you can have Billionaires? Sometimes you just need chocolate and lots of it! 

Betty knows what's good for us! Here's review number 4 of the week. 

This 80g bar is a case of 'GO BIG OR GO HOME' with 3 types of Belgian chocolate- white, milk and plain with caramel, on a dark chocolate base made of Betty's signature gluten-free oat flour and cocoa. 

I was a little disappointed by how the bar cut. Although it tasted pleasant, the base was quite dry and very crumbly - not sure if the cocoa was to blame! The buttery caramel layer was soft, sweet, sticky and utterly delicious. A thick chocolate topping completed this bar. It certainly tasted like a premium chocolate with a deep rich flavour and fantastic melt. I really enjoyed the 2 white chocolate buttons on top - it added another element of sweetness. I was quite surprised to find that this bar had no salty taste to it unlike some of the others I have reviewed this week. No qualms either way though! 

Once again, Betty Bakes has produced another cracker. I'm never going to want regular Millionaire Shortbread again. It's a 3.5 out of 5! 

We need some fruit after all this indulgence.. Lemon Meringue & White Chocolate is up tomorrow! 

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