Thursday, 3 November 2016

Review- M&S NEW Red Velvet Cake

Mondays tend to be pretty rubbish with the post weekend slump and seemingly eternal stretch until Friday.. But things can change in a heartbeat when you find a NEW Red Velvet Cake gracing the shelves of M&S before 9am has even hit! The bakery Gods must be shining down on me! 

The 460g cake which is designed to feed 6 cost the usual £2.75 and doesn't specify whether is suitable or not for Vegetarians so best pop in store yourself if you're concerned. I can tell you however that it is not freezable or one for the Nut allergy sufferers due to manufacturing methods. 

A light and moist red chocolate cake, indulgently filled and topped with a tasty cream cheese frosting, finished with a delicate dusting of icing sugar. 

As you can see in the ever so slighty wonky picture, the cake cut well to reveal an abundance of both, off white filling and topping which looked pretty striking against the deep red hue - It also smelt most inviting!

Taking a forkful, the sponge proved to be sheer perfection with a light and moist feel yet was pleasantly dense and fudgy at the same time - Somewhat like a cakey brownie, I suppose but an extremely good one! A mild cocoa flavour was detectable although the signature tang of Red Velvet was amiss.. Luckily, what the sponge lacked, the frosting made up for! Very thick and super sweet, the cream cheese delivered a pure hit of indulgence that also came with what I think were lemon undertones to reinforce the zing. The two elements complimented each other wonderfully with great proportions to match - Scrumptious! 

Overall, this NEW Red Velvet Cake is most enjoyable, indeed. It ticks the boxes in terms of texture and taste with a glorious frosting as the star of the show, that I would only be too happy to eat by the pail.. Fair warning though, it won't hesitate in leaving you in a sugar coma! It's a 4 out of 5 from me. 


  1. Feeds 6... pffft what do they take us for?! More red please M&S but it does look a beaut nonetheless xxx

    1. I was actually going to write that you will feed 6 with it! It's too sweet to go to town on the thing without feeling a tad sick.This may or may not have been my fate yesterday.. Even if it is mightily delicious haha xx

  2. Thanks great review!