Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Review- Seabrook Sea Salt & Red Wine Vinegar Lattice Crisps

Asda is fast becoming my favourite place to pick up new snacks! I picked up these Seabrook Lattice Sea Salt & Red Wine Vinegar Hand Cooked Crisps as part of a 2 for £2.50 deal. 

I haven't tried or even seen crisps like these before. I was intrigued to see what effect the lattice shape would have. 

What was stated on the back was certainly true! The salt and vinegar flavour was perfectly tangy. These didn't hurt my tongue like many crisps of this flavour tend to do. The texture was great! The lattice did make them crispy and very moreish - I managed to get through half the bag before realising how many I'd munched! 

One thing to note is that the lattice shaping wasn't consistent throughout the bag. Some were much more 'hole-y' than others. Thankfully this didn't hinder the taste! 

Overall, I couldn't get enough off these criss-cross crisps. They were utterly delicious and I would definitely buy them again. Other flavours in the range include Cheese and Onion and Sweet Chilli. Top marks - a 5 out of 5 from me! 

Monday, 30 March 2015

Review- Waffletops Lemon & Strawberry Fudge Waffles

Waffles! Does anyone actually eat Waffles regularly? They have always been one of those things I buy on a whim, once in a Blue Moon. I spotted these Waffletops Waffles in Asda priced at £1.50 and thought I'd give them a go as they looked a bit different! 

The box contained 3 different individually wrapped Waffles with their own quirky character name. Each 80g Waffle contained 309 calories, a whopping 9.5g of Saturated Fat and 19g of Sugar. It stated that they could be eaten cold, straight out the packet or warmed up in the microwave. 

The Strawberry Blonde - Vanilla Fudge

A Belgian Waffle in smooth vanilla fudge icing topped with a blushing of strawberry.

The Extrovert - Lemon Fudge 

A Belgian Waffle bouncing with zesty lemon fudge icing and sparkling with strawberry sugar crystals.

The Diva - Strawberry Fudge

A Belgian Waffle with dazzling lemon sugar crystals sprinkled over scrumptious strawberry fudge icing.

These are some not so suprisingly, seriously sweet Waffles! It was apparent as soon as I opened the packet so I was expecting throat burning to ensue but it wasn't as bad as I anticipated. The Vanilla Fudge was definitely my favourite out of the 3. The Strawberry Fudge I found quite artificial tasting and ended up leaving half of sadly. The Lemon Fudge wasn't particularly zesty - I am a lemon fiend though so that could be why I was disappointed. The sugar crystals were quite tasty and gave a nice crunch. Texture wise, I am not sure who would enjoy these Waffles cold as they were so dense. Microwaving them made them much more appetising. They were softer and the fudge icing melted - even if it then could have passed as melted butter! 

Overall these weren't great but I enjoyed trying something I'd not seen done previously. I imagine they would be popular with kids although looking at the Nutritional Information, they're probably best kept as a treat. Waffletops also do a Chocolate & Coffee version I'd be keen to try. I wonder what will occur first, me having a hankering for Waffles or the next Blue Moon?! It's a 2.5 out of 5 from me! 

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Review- Kettle Sweet Potato Chips

I'm a big fan of vegetable crisps so was excited to see these NEW Kettle Sweet Potato Chips in Tesco. I'm not certain of the price and I can't find them on the website but I think they were around the £2 mark. 

Has anyone ever seen a bag consisting solely of sweet potato crisps? I hadn't before now!

As stated on the front of the packet, these chips are baked rather than fried. Usually I barely notice a difference between cooking methods but these were particularly dry unfortunately! They were nice and crunchy though and had a strong sweet potato flavour. The little bit of salt did make them quite more-ish - even if I did have to wash it all down with a big drink! 

Overall these were not a bad snack. It is a good thing that the likes of Kettle do try to make their snacks healthier - I just wish it didn't compromise the overall texture! If you're a sweet potato fan, these are definitely worth giving a go. It's a 3.5 out of 5 from me! 

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Review- Kelloggs Pop Tarts 'USA'

I've gone a bit Pop Tart mad lately! After getting the usual British Srawberry Sensation and Chocolate versions, I decided to venture into the large American grocery section my local Tesco has. I picked up 3 boxes at £3.50 each. Not a bad price considering most American sweet stockists sell them at £6+! 

The 3 flavours I got were Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Cookies & Creme and Hot Fudge Sundae. Each box contained 4 packs of 2 Pop Tarts. 

I have to say I was slightly alarmed when I read that they were Artificially Flavoured and contained Genetically Modified ingredients but was willing to the risk the potential 'Adverse effects' for the good of the Blog!

Chocolate Cookie Dough

This is the first one I tried and it was really delicious! The filling was thicker than I expected and it did have a cookie flavour which surprised me - I was expecting a general vague sugary taste! The chocolate chips melted nicely when toasted. It was enjoyable both hot and cold. Am I the only one who prefers 'uncooked' Pop Tarts?! 

This one gets a 3 out of 5 from me! 

Cookies & Creme

Next up was the Cookies & Creme! I was hoping for an Oreo taste which I sort of got. Albeit a very cheap mock Oreo! It wasn't all bad though - The creamy filling was sweet as expected but went well with the dark pastry. 

This one gets a 2.5 from me! 

Hot Fudge Sundae

Oh dear. As soon as I opened the packet I was engulfed by the ridiculously sweet scent of this Tart! The taste wasn't any more pleasant unfortunately. It was somewhere between medicinal and pure sugar which burnt my throat! They hit the nail on the head when they said 'Artifically Flavoured' with this one. It also left a strange film in my mouth. Even with all these negatives, I can sort of see what they were trying to get at with 'Hot Fudge Sundae'. Sort of. 

Only a 1 out of 5 from me! 

Overall I enjoyed my little Pop Tart Party. I'd buy the Chocolate Chip Cookie ones again and have already spotted a S'mores version I want to try. I've seen a Red Velvet flavour on Amazon too. I think I might be addicted - Must be all those GM ingredients!

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Review- Asda Chosen by You Custard & Cream Slices

My dear little Nanny has been raving about these Custard & Cream Slices from Asda the past few weeks. As a massive Custard Slice/Mille-Feuille fan, I picked myself up a pack of 2 for £2.25 pronto! 

They were as delicious as they looked! The custard bottom layer was smooth and vanilla-y which worked perfectly with the cream above. I often find that regular cream slices can be a bit sickly but with the pairing of custard, it was nicely balanced. The puff pastry had the signature chewy texture you want from a slice like this and with the sweet fondant topping to finish, this made one very yummy treat! 

I think Asda are onto something here! Having both custard and cream layers means you get the best of both worlds. I hope the other supermarkets follow suit as I think they would be extremely popular. A 5 out of 5 from me! 

Review- Harvester New Dessert Menu

My lovely Mum and I had a day out shopping last week and knowing a new menu had just been released, decided to treat ourselves to lunch at The Harvester. We weren't blown away by the main meal changes so stuck with our usuals - Chicken Salsa Stack for Mum and a Gourmet Burger for me! 

The dessert menu on the other hand has noticeably been pepped up! There were a good handful of new options and we were both eager to get stuck into something new. Mum went for the Lemon Meringue Pie at £4.29 and after much toing and froing over the Oreo Cheesecake and Chocolate Fudge Cake, I eventually decided on the latter at £4.99. 

Our desserts arrived and we were both impressed! It's difficult with desserts to estimate the size portion you will get. In this case, they were both pretty huge! We weren't complaining though - the bigger the better!

We shared our puds and both were very enjoyable. The Lemon Meringue Pie had just the right amount of tang and the strawberry compote it came with was a lovely extra. My Chocolate Fudge Cake was topped with chocolate sauce, honeycomb and fudge pieces with ice cream on the side. The cake itself was quite moist apart from the very edge but with all the toppings, you'd barely notice. It's the perfect dessert when nothing but chocolate will do! 

2 great new options from Harvester at very reasonable prices. I can't wait to try the Oreo Cheesecake next time! A 4 out of 5 from me. 

Monday, 23 March 2015

Review- Joe Delucci's Creamy Coconut Gelato

Hello everyone! I'm Lucy, your resident Snack Warrior! I've been going back and forth with the idea of starting a review blog for quite a while and have finally decided to bite the bullet. I shall start as I mean to go on with this Joe Delucci's Creamy Coconut Gelato! 

It was purely by chance I found this yummy treat. Spotted in the corner of my eye in Tesco when picking up frozen peas, as a massive coconut fan, I couldn't not put it in my trolley!

I hadn't tried any sort of coconut ice cream prior to this so wasn't sure what to expect from this pure white tub. I was blown away! It is complete creamy coconut heaven! Texture wise, it is quite a soft ice cream but still holds it's shape. It is seriously smooth! After a few mouthfuls I realised it contained chewy shredded coconut which made it even more delicious! Although it's perfect on it's own, I can imagine it would be yummy with a fruity sauce or even a chocolate pudding for that Bounty Bar taste. 

Overall, this was without a doubt, the nicest ice cream I have ever had and at £3.99 for 500ml tub, I really don't think you can go wrong! I spotted a Cookies and Cream version as well as a Berry Gelato in the same range which I would love to try. Joe Delucci might just be my new number 1 ice cream man - sorry Ben and Jerry! Its a 5 out of 5 from me!