Monday, 23 March 2015

Review- Joe Delucci's Creamy Coconut Gelato

Hello everyone! I'm Lucy, your resident Snack Warrior! I've been going back and forth with the idea of starting a review blog for quite a while and have finally decided to bite the bullet. I shall start as I mean to go on with this Joe Delucci's Creamy Coconut Gelato! 

It was purely by chance I found this yummy treat. Spotted in the corner of my eye in Tesco when picking up frozen peas, as a massive coconut fan, I couldn't not put it in my trolley!

I hadn't tried any sort of coconut ice cream prior to this so wasn't sure what to expect from this pure white tub. I was blown away! It is complete creamy coconut heaven! Texture wise, it is quite a soft ice cream but still holds it's shape. It is seriously smooth! After a few mouthfuls I realised it contained chewy shredded coconut which made it even more delicious! Although it's perfect on it's own, I can imagine it would be yummy with a fruity sauce or even a chocolate pudding for that Bounty Bar taste. 

Overall, this was without a doubt, the nicest ice cream I have ever had and at £3.99 for 500ml tub, I really don't think you can go wrong! I spotted a Cookies and Cream version as well as a Berry Gelato in the same range which I would love to try. Joe Delucci might just be my new number 1 ice cream man - sorry Ben and Jerry! Its a 5 out of 5 from me!


  1. Hello! Please can you let me know what supermarket you found this in? Just read through all your posts and I love your blog already!

  2. Hello! I thought I had included where I bought it - oops! It was from Tesco. Thank you for your lovely comment :D

  3. Thank you! (sorry didn't realise I could put a name on earlier comment!)

  4. No worries, Anonymous Amy! :D

  5. Best ice cream ever! By the way, I read that Bounty ice creams have been redesigned recently, they now have sessicated coconut added to the chocolate coating and are in bars rather than sticks.

    1. Oo I think I saw Bounty Bar ice creams in Asda the other day.. Didn't know they had changed them but I'm always game for extra coconutty-ness! :)