Thursday, 29 September 2016

Review- Jacobs NEW Caramelised Onion Ciabatta

Jacobs Cream Crackers have always been a staple in our house and I expect most of yours too if like us, you favour something crunchy at lunch times! We manage to top them with pretty much anything and everything.. From the "norm" of cheese to pickles, chutneys, meats and of course, dunked in soup - Perfect now that the weather is getting chillier.

Jacobs being Jacobs however have obviously decided to up their game and go a bit posh with these NEW Ciabatta which come in three flavours - The Caramelised Onion of today, Sundried Tomato & Basil and a plain Cracker option, all available in Asda for £1.39 a box. 

Each box contains 5, individually wrapped packs of 3 Ciabatta, making them perfect for eating on the go.. Although I think you need at least 4 to make for a decent lunch but then again, maybe I am just a fatty.

The slightly floured Crackers smelt delicious upon opening with an authentic onion-y scent. Having a munch, the texture was certainly very dry thanks to the thin, crisp nature with big pockets of air throughout just as you would see with traditional bread Ciabatta. The similarity to the aforementioned in terms of flavour was somewhat there with a powdery taste and onion/herby kick that wasn't quite as strong as its aroma but still detectable enough - Anything stronger would have been far too overpowering especially with a topping! Munchy and more-ish! 

Overall, these NEW Caramelised Onion Ciabatta are a nice little edition of the Jacobs Cracker range with a decent flavour and pleasantly dry feel that makes for a good base to a plethora of toppings. I will most definitely be trying the Sundried Tomato & Basil which I can only imagine will be just as amazing loaded with cheese! It's a 4 out of 5 from me.  

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Review- Asda NEW Spreads: Dark Chocolate & Mint and Salted Caramel Chocolate

Today's review should have been yesterdays review. I had my Thursday all planned out - Go to Asda for NEW Spreads, buy NEW Spreads, eat NEW Spreads, post review on Friday of NEW Spreads.. But this turned out to all be in folly. Not only was the entire store evacuated and my shopping abandoned but then my car broke down.. In the carpark.. Where I waited for a serial oversharer of an RAC man. Pure joy. 

So considering I left empty handed on the NEW Spread front and £90 poorer thanks to my car giving up the ghost, I made a special trip on this sunny Saturday and finally got my hands on the Dark Chocolate & Mint and Salted Caramel Chocolate varieties, both priced at £1.50 each and weighing in at the standard 400g. 

Dark chocolate and mint flavour spread and Caramel & chocolate flavour spread with sea salt. 

Dark Chocolate & Mint

Starting with the jar I was most excited about and a question.. Why has a Mint Choc Spread never been a thing until now?! I've certainly not seen such a thing before. Unscrewing the lid and the familiar "After Eight-esque" scent was clear from first whiff and I got stuck in, in my traditional manner of spooning straight from the jar. Very soft and silky smooth texture wise, the dark chocolate gave off plenty of coca rich tones and was by no means as sweet as the usual milk variety used. The mint proved to deliver with an almost tongue tingling, refreshing feel but wasn't as anywhere near as potent as an After Eight.. But plenty enough for a Spread! Delicious - A 4.5 out of 5 from me. 

Salted Caramel Chocolate

Moving onto the Salted Caramel and a second question.. Was it actually going to be salted?! Having a scoop, the buttery smelling spread, definitely had a much thicker texture to above but still velvety. Taste wise, the milk chocolate, albeit pleasant enough was fairly sweet and generic with the tones of toffee/caramel coming through nicely with a smidgen of salt to cut through. This prevented things from becoming overly sickly and even MSW who isn't usually a fan of caramel things, found it enjoyable. A nice balance - It's a 4 out of 5 from me. 

Success! These NEW Mint Choc and Salted Caramel Spreads were worth the wait - I can find very little fault with the first, apart from, I would have liked some minty nibs mixed in for that added bit of crunch.. And the latter, well a higher quality of milk chocolate would have bumped up the marks but I do appreciate how it isn't too sweet or too salty - Talk about being fussy, right? I want salted but not overly salted.. At least Asda have managed to deliver here! Get yourself down to your local store and give both a go. Enjoy your weekend! 

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Review- Thorntons NEW White Chocolate Caramel Shortcake Bites

It helps having friends who are eager snack finders.. Not only do they inform you of said NEW products but if you've been really good, they send them to you too! It's a win win situation! 

My lovely buddy-chum, Charlotte is to thank for these Thorntons White Chocolate Caramel Shortcake Bites which appear to be the same as the regular Milk variety just with a different topping - It's about time we all got something even sweeter in our lives! Purchased in Asda and priced at £1, I am yet to see the Veggie friendly, dinky delights in store myself or in any other supermarket.. But no doubt, Thorntons themselves have their shelves stocked to the brim!

Scrumptious shortcake squares covered with a delicious caramel layer and topped with smooth white chocolate. 

Turns out, they were a bit smooshed but no matter - No one is ever going to refuse oozing caramel.

I cut the Bite in half, purely for picture purposes and it actually turned out to be more robust than I expected with not a single crumb out place. Smelling beyond ridiculously sweet of a butter, Werther's Original combo, I popped a piece into my mouth and let the sugar overload engulf me. Starting with the base which was quite gritty, it didn't add anything to the flavour with the middle of thick, squidgy caramel completely overpowering any potential other taste and generally being just how it smelt! The white chocolate, albeit a nicer contrast to all the soft, didn't really come through either due to the aforementioned but did add further sweetness. The 3 elements together were pretty sticky, cloying and definitely something that would give you diabetes.. And a dry, sore tongue! 

Overall, unless you're an absolute sugar fiend or are prepared to power on through the initial sweet, sickly punch to the face, I am not sure these NEW White Chocolate Caramel Shortcake Bites are going to woo everyone.. There is nothing wrong with them as such but even I, the lover of all things with more sugar than anything else, found them to be a tad too much. Perhaps Thorntons should stamp "Enjoy with a strong coffee!" on their packaging.. Because believe you me, you're going to need it! It's a 3.5 out of 5! 

Monday, 19 September 2016

Review- Krispy Kreme NEW Powdered Blueberry

It's that time again - I can't believe it has been 2 weeks but it's a farewell to the Glaze Kreme and a "it was nice whilst it lasted", to make room for the NEW Powdered Blueberry in town and gracing all your Tesco Cabinets and KK stores from today!

Delicious Wild Blueberry filling, dusted with the perfect sprinkle of powdered sugar. 

This is the doughnut that actually "won" Krispy Kreme's Throwback campaign which we all "voted" in.. Despite all the options now making an appearance over the coming weeks - Sneaky but I am happy nevertheless! Priced at £1.75, this KK comes in cheaper than some of the other LE doughy delights.. Especially when you only get charged £1.45 at the till - Tesco boy, I thank you!

The doughnut cut well down the middle to reveal the deep purple, not to mention most generous, centre filling. Smelling relatively like blueberry, I took a bite and was pleased to find the dough itself was of the better quality that KK produce in being light, fluffy and no stodge. Taste wise, the blueberry did come through but I am sure it was mixed with something else.. Raspberry perhaps? - I am pretty sure it wasn't solely its namesake. As the flavour developed it became borderline medicinal with MSW claiming it to be uncanny to Blackcurrant Tunes (Do such a thing even still exist?) with quite a bit of sweetness mixed in. Topping the lot was of course, the dusting of icing sugar which was nice enough but a glaze would have been better even if very same-y to the rest of KK's range! 

Overall, I am a bit torn by this Powdered Blueberry.. I was so rooting for it but I can't help but feel at the end of the day, it's nothing special. Do let me know your thoughts if and when you try it - Perhaps Blueberry fanatics will go mad for it? I am really not to sure.. It is around until the 3rd of October anyways, until the Cruller takes over! It's a 3.5 out of 5 from me. 

Hop on over to NibsnScribs to read her review of this jammy jammy!

Friday, 16 September 2016

Review- Ape Crispy Coconut Whirls: Lightly Salted and Slightly Peppered

It's no secret I like coconut.. I can't get enough, I'd eat it every day, it is safe to say I love it! These Ape Coconut Curls were one thing of the tropical stuff I hadn't tried however and after having read a certain someones review.. I knew I had too! Luckily for me, a few packets were forwarded on!

Having googled Ape, I discovered they are a very health focused company with the ethos that all snacks should be from a natural origin without the use of sugar, chemicals and certainly never part of any yucky processing. Both 20g bags (Lightly Salted and Slightly Peppered) are gluten free, high in fibre and even part of your five a day - It's a winner all round. 

Lightly Salted

Starting with the Lightly Salted which I considered to be the "tamer" option, at first whiff, I immediately decided they smelt like Bonfire Night. Don't be thinking I am mad.. They really did have an uncanny scent that I can only decipher to be that of gunpowder - Safe to say, the curls gave me warm fuzzy feelings before even tasting! Thin and crisp in texture, the salt aspect was clear from first munch and was really quite saline. This then mellowed to allow the traditional taste of unsweetened coconut to come through with the creamy, tropical tones really shining. Bizarrely, the two worked well together and I was only to happy to finish the bag! A 4 out of 5 from me. 

Slightly Peppered

Pepper - It isn't my favourite given that I find pretty much life too hot and spicy but once again, a potent "indian-esque" aroma lured me in. The dusted Curls felt much thicker in this bag albeit still pretty uniform in size with a crunchy feel. Cardamon really was the star of the show here with my hesitancy about the pepper falling way into the background - Even the coconut aspect didn't prevail! MSW claimed they tasted a lot like a Vegetable Samosa and was only to happy to nab to pack. Flavourful and consistent throughout - Another 4 out of 5. 

Overall, these Ape Coconut Curls are quite the delight and between myself and MSW, they didn't hang around for long! If you're into coconut big time or even if you just fancy a healthier snack, they are definitely worth a whirl.. It even looks like a Chilli edition might be coming to the range soon! Keep your eyes peeled, folks! 

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Review- Lindt Creation: Chocolate Cake

Lindt is up there with everyones favourite chocolate, right? I for one, don't know of anyone who doesn't like it.. Even if the Lindor Balls do leave you feeling a bit woozy after having eaten a dozen! Perhaps the solution is not eating 12 in one sitting.. Or maybe transition to a Creation Milk Bar instead? 

Extra smooth milk chocolate with a fine dark chocolate truffle and a melting heart. 

The eternally wonderful and my little Peanut Poo, NibsnScribs sent me the 150g Chocolate Cake inspired, Swiss treat and I was very excited to try another offering from the range after having received the Refreshing Lemon version at Christmas. This bar which is comprised of 30% cocoa solids also contains hazelnuts and almonds so a no go for any allergy sufferers out there! 

Look at that gooey centre! - Lindt weren't lying with their "melting heart" claim! As expected, this reflected in the texture with the sensational smelling chocolate slowly dissolving on the tongue producing a ridiculously silky smooth feel. Taste wise, the quality of cocoa was second to none - All rich, creamy tones without being overly sweet thanks to a hint of something darker in the background. A ever so faint flavour of hazelnut lingered but certainly not enough to tip the Bar into Nutella territory.. Although I expect that would have worked too! Delicious. 

Overall, this Chocolate Cake Creation is one of the best Chocolate Bars I have ever had - Lindt have managed to achieve that fondant-esque texture whilst not compromising on the flavour to produce something which can only be described as, out of this world good! I will definitely be hunting down another and I suggest you do the same! It's top marks from me, 5 out of 5! Thanks Peanut

Monday, 12 September 2016

Review- Shaken Udder NEW Uber Udder 1 Litre: Vanillalicious! and Chocolush!

Happy Chocolate Milkshake Day! This could be no more fitting since it's all about Shaken Udder and their NEW Uber Udder 1 litre cartons on this sunny Monday! 

I was contacted by the every so lovely, Nikki who asked if I would be interested in trying the larger sized, Vanillalicious! and Chocolush! Shakes which I didn't hesitate accepting given my all round love of SU. As seen with the 330ml bottles, both flavours are made from British Milk, are free from gluten, artificial flavours, colours and preservatives along with being a source of B12 and naturally, Calcium. They are also suitable for the Veggies amongst us with a recyclable carton for the planet savers. 


Our divinely smooth Vanillalicious milkshake is made with real vanilla beans and is utterly delectable in every way. Get your vanilla fix in a flash!

Pictures lie - There were so many more vanilla seeds in the Shake than what appears.. It was loaded! This certainly reflected in the taste with a flavour of full on vanilla along with sweet, creamy milkiness which once again, just as the 330ml version did, reminded me of a White Magnum. Texture wise, the Milkshake slipped down a treat with its silky smooth feel and just the right thickness - Nothing claggy here! A 4.5 out of 5 from me.


Our sumptuously smooth Chocolush milkshake made with real Belgian chocolate, is your moment of bliss anytime of the day. 

Moving onto the Chocolush! and our main source of celebration today.. It even smelt like traditional chocolate milk! Taking a swig, the familiar sweet, hint of caramel, cocoa tones were upon me with that uncanny "ice cream" flavour which I am still sure to be that of Ben & Jerry's. The consistency was undeniably luxurious, identical to above and overall, not sickly in the slightest, making for one very very drinkable Shake! - Another 4.5 out of 5! 

Well, I can't say I am suprised.. When it comes to store bought Milkshakes, I really think it's difficult to find anything more top-notch than Shaken Udder! These NEW Uber Udder Cartons are addictively good with a quality you can't question whatsoever - It is nice to see that the standard hasn't slipped just because of the larger quantity either! Available now in Waitrose, The Co Op and independent retailers with a RRP of £2.20-£2.70 a carton, I highly recommend you go get both. If only they did Top Banana in "big" too.. Alas, off you pop - Someone pick me up a 330ml bottle, thanks!  

Friday, 9 September 2016

Review- M&S NOT SO NEW Spirit of Summer: Key Lime Pie

We started with it so we will finish with it.. It's back to Key Lime for our last Spirit of Summer review and this time in its classic pie form! 

This 525g dessert was purchased as part of a 2 for £6 deal with the ever so delightful Very Berry Cheesecake being its buddy. Suitable for Veggies as well as freezing, the rectangular treat is designed to feed 6 which sounds about right after having checked out the nutritional values.. 14.4g of saturated fat in a 88g portion, anyone? 

Crunchy digestive biscuit base topped with lashings of zesty lime mousse (74%) finished with zingy lemon shreds. 

As seen with the Toffee & Honeycomb Traybake, it was advised to run a knife around the inside of the card tray before pulling the end flaps and peeling back the sides, as means of getting into the dessert - Once again, it worked a treat with minimal mousse loss. 

I figured mini rectangles were the best option when it came to serving slices so cut accordingly and was surprised to discover just how crumbly the biscuit base was - Far more so than a Cheesecakes in not being anywhere near as densely packed. This made it quite fragile but luckily the whole lot didn't disintegrate when whacking it on a plate. Extremely creamy in taste to borderline point of being sickly, the light mousse was very much at the forefront but with an extremely potent lime flavour to accompany which I found to be overly tart and not quite what I expected. The crunchy base went some way in adding some sweet biscuity tones as well as contrast in texture but with another sharp hit from the lemon shreds.. It was all a bit to much! 

Overall, I am quite disappointed by this Spirit of Summer Key Lime Pie. I can't dispute the fact it is zesty and that is what you would want from said dessert but I found the pang to be far to in your face. Perhaps it's the combination of cloying cream and citrus which is the problem, I am not to sure but do know, it definitely isn't for me.. MSW on the other hand, loved it! I have been into 2 different M&S and they are still on the shelves so if you've been thinking about it, get one whilst you can! It's a 3 out of 5 from me. 

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Review- M&S NEW Spirit of Summer: Summer Tartlet Selection

Penultimate SoS review, Folks! One I was particularly looking forward since my discovery and now, undying love of the Banoffee version.. A flavour trio this time - Mississippi Mud, Coconut & Lime and Dulce de Leche & Pecan.. It's a Summer Tartlet Selection! 

The 178.5g (Oo precision), box of 6 cost £2.50 with 2 tarts of each flavour, all suitable for Vegetarians.. But not Mustard, Sesame or Nut allergy sufferers due to manufacturing methods. Talking of Nuts, the box also comes with a nice warning not to feed such a thing to your Sprog as small children can choke on nuts.. I expect so can some adults. 

The tartlets were presented in a nice little plastic tray and weren't too smooshed.. Unlike some of the other boxes on the shelf! It does make you wonder whether it is in transit that products get destroyed or could the shelf stackers be the blame.. I assume they aren't in such a state when they leave the factory. Someone let me know. 

Mississipi Mud

All butter chocolate pastry tartlets filled with a chocolate brownie and topped with a chocolate buttercream and chocolate sauce. 

Smelling extremely cocoa rich, the ooey gooey tartlet was a pure hit of chocolate from start to finsh - The buttery, soft pastry encasing a squidgy brownie and a thick, ganache like buttercream with a final hit from the runny sauce centre. The proportion of each element was spot on and texture wise, was not dry in the slightest. Nothing but a Chocoholics dream! - Divine.

Coconut & Lime

All butter pastry tartlets filled with lime curd and a coconut sponge topped, with a coconut buttercream, lime curd and desiccated chipped coconut. 

Moving onto the Coconut & Lime, the pastry here seemed to be a little too tender as in the process of cutting in half, the side broke.. Although faultless in taste! A real zestyness was apparent when munching through the tartlet but was not all that easy to identify as being lime - It could have quite easily been lemon and I wouldn't have questioned it! As for the sponge, it also had problems in feeling a tad to thick for a treat of its size and surprisingly didn't deliver in terms of coconut - Not in taste, signature chew or even with the sweet buttercream to heighten the potency! A strange one!  

Dulce de Leche & Pecan

All butter pastry tartlets filled with caramel and toffee sponge, topped with a Dulce de Leche caramel buttercream, a pecan nut and white chocolate. 

Last but by no means least, Dulce de Leche & Pecan. The tart halved well with no pastry lost or even a crumb out of place to reveal the golden sponge within which tasted very much like golden syrup! Soft and sticky, the butteriness was undeniable with bucket loads of sweet caramel tones to compliment. The Dulce de Leche aspect really shone in the buttercream however, as seen above, I do feel there could have done with being a little more! Topping the lot was of course, the choking hazard of a pecan which tasted fresh and crisp - A nice finishing touch! 

Overall, this Summer Tartlet Selection isn't to bad at all and with a few tweaks, could quite easily be amazing.. It's the Coconut & Lime which is the main problem and letting the team down! Hunt yourself down a box, give the aforementioned to some unsuspecting chum and enjoy the rest with afternoon tea whilst M&S still have them! - It's a 3.5 out of 5 from me. 

Monday, 5 September 2016

Review- Krispy Kreme NEW: Smores, Maple Crunch, Chocolate Firecracker and Salted Caramel Cheesecake ft. Glazed Kreme

Today was abysmal. It was the start of the working week and it was wet - Possibly the two worst things if like me, rainy days and Mondays always get you down. One little perk however was the fact that NEW Krispy Kreme were in town - Huzzah! Naturally, I got one of each flavour from my local Tesco Cabinet and couldn't wait to get stuck in.

KK seem to have upped their game and veered away from the mundane, plain options with 3 fairly out there flavours: Smores, Chocolate Firecracker and Maple Crunch, along with a NEW and improved, Salted Caramel Cheesecake. Priced at £1.90 a pop (Tesco currently have 2, assorted 3 boxes for £8) and knowing for a fact that the Smores is Veggie friendly*, there really is something to tickle everyone with this quartet. 


Hand pumped with mallow filling, dipped in milk chocolate coating, decorated with mini marshmallow, shortcake crumble and white chocolate drizzle.

Starting with the doughnut that I and I expect a lot of people will be most excited about.. The Smores! Crackling and tumbling on first cut, it both smelt and looked absolutely amazing with a pure white centre. Taste wise, the silky smooth yet sticky aforementioned seriously delivered in terms of pure marshmallow that was uncanny to mini marshmallows rather than jarred "Fluff" - You really couldn't mistake it for anything other! The dough itself was up to the usual KK standard in being plump and fluffy with the signature sweet flavour with a toping of decent enough milk chocolate adding some cocoa tones and a bit of crunch from the sprinkled extras. It's a 4 out of 5 from me. 

Maple Crunch

Our signature ring doughnut hand dipped in maple icing and sprinkled with maple flavour crunch and a sparkle of gold dust. 

Moving onto the Maple which genuinely almost made me heave - The aroma was of celery. Potent celery! Hesitating greatly, I sheepishly took a bite.. And shock horror, I was mowed down by the yucky and artificial taste that I am still presuming to be a salad vegetable rather than the glorious, pancake topping, Canadian tree sap. Sadly, I didn't actually get to the actual doughnut part but it seemed to be like a doughnut - A big fat 0 out of 5.. It would have been a 0.1 if there had been some gold dust! 

Chocolate Firecracker

Filled with chocolate truffle Kreme, dipped in chilli infused chocolate icing and topped with gold stars.

I don't know about you but when I first heard Firecracker, I thought "Ooh.. It's going to be popping candy in a doughnut!". Boy, was I wrong - It's chilli! Who puts chilli in a doughnut?! Crazy KK clearly! Once again, slicing in half wasn't a problem with zero toughness but plenty of softness and slightly more bizarrely, a floral scent. Inside was an abundance of somewhat curdled kreme which despite not looking all that appealing did taste nice and chocolatey. The heat of chilli from the icing was unmissable with a tongue tingling sensation which was not to my liking whatsoever but I did appreciate the ever so slight, raspberry flavour from the red icing to cut through.. Whether this was meant to be the case or not, I am unsure as the description mentions nothing of the sort! It's a 3 out of 5 from me!

Salted Caramel Cheesecake

Hand dipped in cheesecake icing, filled with salted caramel and vanilla cheesecake, topped with crunchy biscuit and salted caramel pieces finished with a salted caramel drizzle. 

Last up.. The Salted Caramel number which I was interested to see how would fair as the Lemon version earlier in the year, had improved. My little bubble was burst upon discovering some KK monkey had failed to put any vanilla cheesecake inside! Thankfully, the blob of caramel wasn't measly but still.. It ain't ever going to be cheesecake with no cheesecake! Tasting extremely like a buttery toffee with a good saline kick, the sauce made the perfect accompaniment for the soft fluffy dough with extra sugary goodness from the set, cracked topping - Not particularly cheesecake in flavour but nice enough. A 2.5 out of 5! 

Blimey. It's a Doughnut.. Disaster? Well, the Smores is a keeper and I can quite easily see myself buying a few of them whilst they are around but the others? Maple Crunch needs to be banned, entire stock and ingredients incarcerated and then banned again. The Chocolate Firecracker may woo the chilli fanatics but I would like popping candy please.. And stars on top! ..AND the Salted Caramel Cheesecake obviously needs cheesecake. Perhaps KK have tried to be too adventurous and taken on to much but it is really not on to be chucking out half-arsed products.. They cost enough and shouldn't be sloppy! 

Just to make their workload even more strenuous for themselves, the jolly chaps at Krispy Kreme have also decided to run a Throwback campaign which we all "voted" on with Powdered Blueberry winning.. But of course, the contest was too close to call and all entrants will be making an appearance for 2 weeks each.

Glazed Kreme

Our glazed doughnut filled with light and fluffy Kreme filling. 

It's the Glazed Kreme to kick things off! Extremely sticky on the outside thanks to a water icing glaze, the doughnut left a visible puddle of semi dissolved sugar which was pretty much a nightmare to get off the table! The dough aspect was hugely superior to the previous 4 (Despite none lacking or being poor) the spring and aerated texture was, I think the best I have ever had from a KK. As for the filling, it was also sheer perfection with a light, whipped feel and super sweet, vanilla flavour. A 4.5 out of 5 from me!

For anyone interested, this is the order of Throwback Doughnuts to come:
Powdered Blueberry - 19th September
Cruller - 3rd October
Pumpkin Spiced - 17th October 

And for anyone still reading.. I now feel a bit sick. Hop on over to NibsnScribs for a totally different take on todays newbies and have a lovely evening! 

*Apparently all KK are Vegetarian? Who knew. 

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Review- M&S NEW Spirit of Summer: Peach Cobbler Luxury Yogurt

I realise some of you may already be into the full swing of all things Autumn but since it's still well into the 20ºCs where I am, with glorious sunshine forecasted for all of next week, combined with the fact that Autumn does not officially start until the 22nd September.. I have a few more SoS reviews to chuck at you. Not many. A few. Less than a handful. Let's do this! 

Peach flavoured yogurt with peach pieces and a sweet crumb. 

Yogurt! Despite not usually being one to buy such a thing, this Peach Cobbler Luxury Yogurt grabbed my attention (Who doesn't like peach? Who doesn't like cobbler?) and with a bit of a push, I soon nabbed myself the Veggie A-OK, 150g pot for an unknown price as I've lost the receipt. Oops.  

From first spoonage, the thickness of yogurt was plain to see with a ploppy, dropping consistency - I suppose if you're having yogurt, you want it of a decent texture rather than like soup, right?! Very smooth, somewhat sticky and extremely creamy tasting, the peach aspect was potent with an abundance of big chunks of fruit throughout, adding extra hits of sweetness. Now, where was the Cobbler I hear you ask? Your guess is as good as mine.. There was none! Absolutely nothing, not a glimpse or taste even with a good dig about and stir - Pathetic!

Overall, this Spirit of Summer Peach Cobbler Luxury Yogurt is a massive let down. It isn't unpleasant by any means but nothing makes it stand out - I wouldn't say it's all that luxurious and given the total MIA Cobbler.. It really is just any old Peach Yogurt which I am sure you could get a dupe for anywhere.. And probably cheaper considering M&S pricing! It's a 1 out of 5 from me. 

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Review- Oreo NEW Mint Flavour

You wouldn't think locating a packet of Oreos would be so difficult.. But blimey, it has been a challenge! Every supermarket known to man has been scoured up and down, all in the hope of finding the shiny green packet of joy. No avail until Tuesday when Sainsbury's finally saved the day! 

Chocolate flavour sandwich biscuits with a mint flavour filling. 

Priced at what I thought was a quite extortionate £1.20 each, I picked up a couple of packets of the Mint flavoured biscuits and went on my merry way. As seen with the Strawberry, these are suitable for Vegetarians to enjoy so do just that why don't you, Vegetarians. 

Tearing into the packet, the mint aspect was clear from first whiff - Exactly what you want from something claiming to be of the flavour! The biscuits themselves were as awesome as usual - Crunchy and cocoa rich with the signature Oreo flavour. Sandwiched in the centre, despite not being all that generous in quantity, was of course the icy green creme which delivered plenty of minty tones (Not After Eight level but potent enough) that were by no means overpowering, artificial or tasting remotely toothpaste-y. The two elements paired up perfectly, just as mint and chocolate should, to produce one very delightfully sweet and moreish biscuit that would be perfect with any cup of tea or coffee! 

Thank goodness! These NEW Mint Oreos have lived up to my expectation! - I am not sure I could have taken another round of disappointment after the Strawberry which really didn't float my boat! If Mint Chocolate is your thing, you'll no doubt love these. It's a 4 out of 5 from me.. If only there was more creme filling! 

Hop on over to NibsnScribs to read her review - She's a beautiful person and also a big fan of all things Oreo.. And food in general really!