Monday, 12 September 2016

Review- Shaken Udder NEW Uber Udder 1 Litre: Vanillalicious! and Chocolush!

Happy Chocolate Milkshake Day! This could be no more fitting since it's all about Shaken Udder and their NEW Uber Udder 1 litre cartons on this sunny Monday! 

I was contacted by the every so lovely, Nikki who asked if I would be interested in trying the larger sized, Vanillalicious! and Chocolush! Shakes which I didn't hesitate accepting given my all round love of SU. As seen with the 330ml bottles, both flavours are made from British Milk, are free from gluten, artificial flavours, colours and preservatives along with being a source of B12 and naturally, Calcium. They are also suitable for the Veggies amongst us with a recyclable carton for the planet savers. 


Our divinely smooth Vanillalicious milkshake is made with real vanilla beans and is utterly delectable in every way. Get your vanilla fix in a flash!

Pictures lie - There were so many more vanilla seeds in the Shake than what appears.. It was loaded! This certainly reflected in the taste with a flavour of full on vanilla along with sweet, creamy milkiness which once again, just as the 330ml version did, reminded me of a White Magnum. Texture wise, the Milkshake slipped down a treat with its silky smooth feel and just the right thickness - Nothing claggy here! A 4.5 out of 5 from me.


Our sumptuously smooth Chocolush milkshake made with real Belgian chocolate, is your moment of bliss anytime of the day. 

Moving onto the Chocolush! and our main source of celebration today.. It even smelt like traditional chocolate milk! Taking a swig, the familiar sweet, hint of caramel, cocoa tones were upon me with that uncanny "ice cream" flavour which I am still sure to be that of Ben & Jerry's. The consistency was undeniably luxurious, identical to above and overall, not sickly in the slightest, making for one very very drinkable Shake! - Another 4.5 out of 5! 

Well, I can't say I am suprised.. When it comes to store bought Milkshakes, I really think it's difficult to find anything more top-notch than Shaken Udder! These NEW Uber Udder Cartons are addictively good with a quality you can't question whatsoever - It is nice to see that the standard hasn't slipped just because of the larger quantity either! Available now in Waitrose, The Co Op and independent retailers with a RRP of £2.20-£2.70 a carton, I highly recommend you go get both. If only they did Top Banana in "big" too.. Alas, off you pop - Someone pick me up a 330ml bottle, thanks!  

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