Thursday, 29 September 2016

Review- Jacobs NEW Caramelised Onion Ciabatta

Jacobs Cream Crackers have always been a staple in our house and I expect most of yours too if like us, you favour something crunchy at lunch times! We manage to top them with pretty much anything and everything.. From the "norm" of cheese to pickles, chutneys, meats and of course, dunked in soup - Perfect now that the weather is getting chillier.

Jacobs being Jacobs however have obviously decided to up their game and go a bit posh with these NEW Ciabatta which come in three flavours - The Caramelised Onion of today, Sundried Tomato & Basil and a plain Cracker option, all available in Asda for £1.39 a box. 

Each box contains 5, individually wrapped packs of 3 Ciabatta, making them perfect for eating on the go.. Although I think you need at least 4 to make for a decent lunch but then again, maybe I am just a fatty.

The slightly floured Crackers smelt delicious upon opening with an authentic onion-y scent. Having a munch, the texture was certainly very dry thanks to the thin, crisp nature with big pockets of air throughout just as you would see with traditional bread Ciabatta. The similarity to the aforementioned in terms of flavour was somewhat there with a powdery taste and onion/herby kick that wasn't quite as strong as its aroma but still detectable enough - Anything stronger would have been far too overpowering especially with a topping! Munchy and more-ish! 

Overall, these NEW Caramelised Onion Ciabatta are a nice little edition of the Jacobs Cracker range with a decent flavour and pleasantly dry feel that makes for a good base to a plethora of toppings. I will most definitely be trying the Sundried Tomato & Basil which I can only imagine will be just as amazing loaded with cheese! It's a 4 out of 5 from me.  


  1. I've had the sundries tomato one and it's really nice - tastes like pizza base