Thursday, 1 September 2016

Review- Oreo NEW Mint Flavour

You wouldn't think locating a packet of Oreos would be so difficult.. But blimey, it has been a challenge! Every supermarket known to man has been scoured up and down, all in the hope of finding the shiny green packet of joy. No avail until Tuesday when Sainsbury's finally saved the day! 

Chocolate flavour sandwich biscuits with a mint flavour filling. 

Priced at what I thought was a quite extortionate £1.20 each, I picked up a couple of packets of the Mint flavoured biscuits and went on my merry way. As seen with the Strawberry, these are suitable for Vegetarians to enjoy so do just that why don't you, Vegetarians. 

Tearing into the packet, the mint aspect was clear from first whiff - Exactly what you want from something claiming to be of the flavour! The biscuits themselves were as awesome as usual - Crunchy and cocoa rich with the signature Oreo flavour. Sandwiched in the centre, despite not being all that generous in quantity, was of course the icy green creme which delivered plenty of minty tones (Not After Eight level but potent enough) that were by no means overpowering, artificial or tasting remotely toothpaste-y. The two elements paired up perfectly, just as mint and chocolate should, to produce one very delightfully sweet and moreish biscuit that would be perfect with any cup of tea or coffee! 

Thank goodness! These NEW Mint Oreos have lived up to my expectation! - I am not sure I could have taken another round of disappointment after the Strawberry which really didn't float my boat! If Mint Chocolate is your thing, you'll no doubt love these. It's a 4 out of 5 from me.. If only there was more creme filling! 

Hop on over to NibsnScribs to read her review - She's a beautiful person and also a big fan of all things Oreo.. And food in general really! 


  1. Haha we are such twinnies, except I loved the Strawb Oreos!! xxx

    p.s yes I love food!! All the food xxxx

    1. I don't know whats wrong with me.. Everyone has loved the Strawberry but me and MSW just cannot see it! They are nice enough but we wouldn't buy them again.. I wonder if we had a dud packet!

      I love all the food too. All the time. Especially when on a diet. Pass me the KK please. xx