Friday, 16 September 2016

Review- Ape Crispy Coconut Whirls: Lightly Salted and Slightly Peppered

It's no secret I like coconut.. I can't get enough, I'd eat it every day, it is safe to say I love it! These Ape Coconut Curls were one thing of the tropical stuff I hadn't tried however and after having read a certain someones review.. I knew I had too! Luckily for me, a few packets were forwarded on!

Having googled Ape, I discovered they are a very health focused company with the ethos that all snacks should be from a natural origin without the use of sugar, chemicals and certainly never part of any yucky processing. Both 20g bags (Lightly Salted and Slightly Peppered) are gluten free, high in fibre and even part of your five a day - It's a winner all round. 

Lightly Salted

Starting with the Lightly Salted which I considered to be the "tamer" option, at first whiff, I immediately decided they smelt like Bonfire Night. Don't be thinking I am mad.. They really did have an uncanny scent that I can only decipher to be that of gunpowder - Safe to say, the curls gave me warm fuzzy feelings before even tasting! Thin and crisp in texture, the salt aspect was clear from first munch and was really quite saline. This then mellowed to allow the traditional taste of unsweetened coconut to come through with the creamy, tropical tones really shining. Bizarrely, the two worked well together and I was only to happy to finish the bag! A 4 out of 5 from me. 

Slightly Peppered

Pepper - It isn't my favourite given that I find pretty much life too hot and spicy but once again, a potent "indian-esque" aroma lured me in. The dusted Curls felt much thicker in this bag albeit still pretty uniform in size with a crunchy feel. Cardamon really was the star of the show here with my hesitancy about the pepper falling way into the background - Even the coconut aspect didn't prevail! MSW claimed they tasted a lot like a Vegetable Samosa and was only to happy to nab to pack. Flavourful and consistent throughout - Another 4 out of 5. 

Overall, these Ape Coconut Curls are quite the delight and between myself and MSW, they didn't hang around for long! If you're into coconut big time or even if you just fancy a healthier snack, they are definitely worth a whirl.. It even looks like a Chilli edition might be coming to the range soon! Keep your eyes peeled, folks! 


  1. EEEK you liked them, even the pepper I am pleasantly surprised!!! xxx

    1. I did! Mainly because I tasted zero pepper but still.. I liked them! Haha xx

  2. Salt and pepper coconut sounds brilliant! How much do they cost?

    1. They are 99p on Ocado but you can also get the in Holland & Barratt. Check out for a full list of stockist :D xx