Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Review- Red Velvet Oreo vs Red Velvet Chips Ahoy

Who here likes biscuits? Who here likes Red Velvet? Who here likes both, especially when provided by Nabisco? Wave your hands in the air, like you just do not care as it's Cookie vs Cookie, Red vs Red.. Oreo vs Chips Ahoy! 

I hadn't seen either of these Biscuits here in the UK (Until this Monday which is bloody typical) but had been pining for them since a certain someones glowing reviewing of the Oreo. Luckily for me, my friends sister was jetting stateside in September and managed to nab not only the aforementioned but the Chips Ahoy version too! - Thanks Lottie! Thanks Lucy! 

Red Velvet Oreo

I couldn't not start with the biscuit which in my opinion is THE biscuit - Who doesn't like Oreos? No one, thats who. Smelling absolutely sensational upon tearing into the packet, the deep red hued sandwiches looked remarkably in good nick considering the miles they had travelled with a creme filling that was only to apparent to be far thicker than anything we get here in the UK. Taste wise, they didn't disappoint in the slightest! Crunchy on the outside with the signature Oreo, albeit slightly sweeter than "usual" cocoa flavour, the biscuit itself went perfectly with the abundance of soft, super sweet filling. A cream cheese tang was definitely noticeable, despite none actually being listed in the ingredients, which delivered the flavour that we all know and love to be that of Red Velvet. Amazing - 4.5 out of 5!

Red Velvet Chips Ahoy

Having never tried Chips Ahoy, not even our British version, I wasn't sure what to expect from the cute and dinky Cookies which unfortunately, this time, didn't fair so well in transit - Crumbs galore! Soft and chewy on the outside with a hidden pocket of something(?)*, they were just as sweet as the above but with a slightly artificial edge and lacking a real tang, even from the cream cheese flavoured chips - Not to dissimilar to the Red Velvet Pop Tarts which came close to being Red Velvet.. But not quite. After a few, I found the chemical flavour and general sugar rush all too much and called it quits whilst I could still stand - A 3.5 out of 5 from me. 

Well, there you have it Folks.. It's clear to see which 'Bisco Biccie reigns almighty in my books -  Both on the Red Velvet front and in general when it comes to the quality of biscuit. Granted, the 2 are very different with the Chips Ahoy being a much softer, cookie texture but the promised flavour just isn't quite there and certainly a way off from the near perfection of the Oreo! Having said that, if you do happen to stumble across either, don't hesitate in picking yourself up a pack.. You'll only regret it! 

*Haven't the foggiest what the something is.. Frosting, perhaps? Not cream cheese, I know that much.

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