Saturday, 23 May 2015

Betty Bakes Bonanza Day 6 - OMG Bar

I have to confess.. Whenever I make flapjacks, it is not often that they make it into the oven. I love oats so much that I always end up eating the mixture straight from the saucepan that the ingredients have been melted together in! 

Our final review from Betty Bakes comes in the form of the OMG Bar. 

The 90g bar is made of gluten-free oats as well as oat flour. The flapjack base is topped with pumpkin & sunflower seeds, flaked almonds and cranberries, all sitting upon a sweetened condensed milk, caramel layer. 

The oats really were packed into this bar! The flapjack was dense and chewy with a sweet golden syrup, buttery flavour. It tasted very oaty and wholesome - I think the seeds and nuts helped contribute to this also. The almonds added a nutty element to the bar whilst the crammed, pumpkin & sunflower seeds added a lot of crunch. A pop of tartness from the ruby red cranberries prevented the bar from becoming overly sweet even with the soft and sticky yet delicious, caramel layer. Absolutely divine!  

Overall, this is another fantastic bar from Betty Bakes.. Surprise, surprise. I loved it so much I didn't even share it, as I had done previously! I would go as far as to say, it's the best bought flapjack I have ever had. It's a 'OMG' worthy, 5 out 5 from me! 

I will be back later on with a Betty Bakes Bonanza Round-up! 

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