Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Betty Bakes Bonanza Day 2 - Toffee Tiffin

Tiffin reminds me of my youth! I loved making fridge 'cakes' with my mum as a kid. Chocolate, golden syrup, biscuits and dried fruit.. What more could you ever want? 

It is Toffee Tiffin time for today's Betty Bakes review! 

The bar weighed 95g once again. It comprised of toffee, gluten free biscuit, sultanas as well as both plain and milk Belgian chocolate. 

It cut perfectly to reveal the biscuits inside! It tasted as good as it looked and smelt. The toffee layer was a chewy, sticky delight! It had a lovely sweet buttery flavour which went perfectly with the rich indulgent Belgian chocolates. The sultanas weren't lost in the bar at all - I was surprised at how plump and juicy they were. The biscuits in the base added yet another texture. The crunchy digestives gave a salty kick to the bar which I think helped balance out all the sweet elements. 

All in all, I can't find much fault with this Toffee Tiffin - It is 100 times better than anything I made as a child, that's for sure! It's a 4 out of 5 for this delicious 'grown up' version of a classic. 

Hold onto your hats.. It's Raspberry & Coconut tomorrow! 

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