Thursday, 8 December 2016

Snackmas Day 8- Nespresso Holiday Variations ft. M&S Christmas Capsules

I trust you all go mad for the Christmas coffee ranges at Starbucks, Costa and co. From Fudge Hot Chocolates to Salted Caramel Cappuccinos, there's something about a calorie laden, festive bevvy that I just can't say no to, with the Tiramisu Latte from Caffe Nero being a particular favourite of mine this year.. But what does one do when they need a fix at home? The only logical answer is to turn to Nespresso, of course! 

2016's Limited Edition Holiday collection is inspired by Austrian Pastries - Apfelstrudel, Linzer Torte and Sachertorte - All with an intensity rating of 6 and coming in the 40ml espresso sized capsule. I purchased mine on the Nespresso website with a box of 10 costing £3.80 but getting them in store is always an option if you've got one close by - Saves on the p&p when not buying 200+! 

L-R Apfelstrudel, Linzer Torte, Sachertorte 

Look how cute they are! I adore the minimalistic swirly pattern design with a bit of colour to reflect the individual flavours.

The coffees essentially all looked identical so I shall not bombarded you with repetitive pictures.. Be jealous of my Christmas mugs though!


A puff paste layered dessert revealing a sweet apple filling, delicately spiced with cinnamon. Variations Apfelstrudel flavoured espresso results from the sweet marriage of Livanto's balance and roundness with rich aromas of pastry, baked apple and a hint of cinnamon. 

Starting with the Apfelstrudel, I can't say I tasted actual apple or cinnamon but the flavour and quality of coffee was second to none with just the right strength and not remotely wishy-washy considering the full fat milk I used to top up with. A slight buttery taste begun to linger once well into the drink which was somewhat like the promised pastry! It's a 3 out of 5 from me. 

Linzer Torte

A tasty redcurrant tart, recognisable by the lattice design. Variations Linzer Torte flavoured espresso results in the sweet marriage of Livanto's balance and roundness with the taste of red fruits and notes of spiced dough. 

Moving onto the Linzer and my hopes were high from first whiff! Sweet, fruity and just like the actual torte, the jammy, berry flavour was undeniable with warming biscuity undertones to match. This was a delicious pairing to smooth, silky coffee and made for an all to easy drink to glug! A 4.5 out of 5 from me.


A glaze chocolate cake containing of thin layer of apricot jam. Variations sachertorte flavoured espresso results from the sweet marriage of Livanto's balance and roundness with the flavour of soft chocolate and apricot notes. 

Last but by no means least.. The chocolatey option - Sachertorte. Super rich and creamy, the coffee was just as flawless to the above with no sharp notes. Chocolate tones came through beautifully with a sweet, mellow apricot edge to compliment and really reflect and taste of it's namesake. Delicious - A 4 out of 5. 

Overall, this is a gorgeous Holiday trio from Nespresso. I can't fault the coffee itself whatsoever and the balance of flavours is second to none. Yes, it would have been nicer to have more fruity tones in the Apfelstrudel a long with some warming spice but perhaps they were just saving it for my personal winner, the Linzer Torte! I am only too happy to drink all 3 regardless and will be buying more before they disappear.. If you have a Nespresso machine, I highly recommend you do the same! 

M&S Christmas Coffee Capsules

An added hot drink extra. I was lured in by the promise of chocolate and citrus.. Not to mention the price - Sparks card holders had 20% off when I purchased the 10 capsules for a £2.40 opposed to the usual £3. As seen with the Nespresso, these are also a 40ml cup size serving but with a slightly stronger intensity of 8. 

Specially blended beans from Brazil, Ethiopia & Central America, roasted for a wonderfully deep, dark flavour with seasonal hints of chocolate & citrus.. Perfect at Christmas. 

No snazzy pattern but at least they're festively red!

The coffee smelt good when being dispensed but nothing like chocolate or citrus. This was reflected in the taste which was disappointingly, just that of a decent coffee in not being too strong or weak but neither of the promised elements were present. Nice enough but a tad boring - A 2 out of 5 from me. 

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