Saturday, 17 December 2016

Snackmas Day 17- M&S Cinnamon Sugar Tortilla Rolls

I couldn't get enough of the Maple Bacon Tortilla Rolls that graced us last Snackmas - They were ridiculously moreish and I thought, quite an "original" idea to put out there despite still not being all too sure exactly what Maple has to do with Christmas..  

M&S being M&S however aren't just happy with one repeat flavour and this year have chosen to embrace their spicy side with these NEW Cinnamon Sugar Tortilla Rolls. I snapped up the physically dinkier, although still 190g bag, for £1.50 and took reassurance in the fact that they are gluten free as well as suitable for veggies and vegans. 

Tearing into the bag, a smell that can only be described as that of "seaside doughnuts" came from the Rolls which naturally, made my hopes soar to great heights. Almost greasy and buttery in taste, the Tortilla's still had the signature corn chip flavour combined with a semi sweetness that really was like the aforementioned.. Minus the overload of sugar, of course! The comforting warmth of cinnamon was consistent throughout and came through subtly along with providing a delicious aftertaste which made them all too easy to munch away at. Texture wise, they were equally as flawless in being satisfyingly crisp and satisfyingly crunchy - Yum!

Ah M&S have only gone and done it again.. These Cinnamon Sugar Tortilla Rolls are bloomin' brilliant! They pack just the right balance of sweet and spice, combined with the pure delight of some sort of doughy fritter - I think I can safely say, no one is going to turn their nose up at that! Get a bag,  why dontcha - It's a 4.5 out of 5 from me!


  1. I thought these sounded weird but you've convinced me to try some! xx


    1. No weirder than any of the other crap M&S chuck out! #nuttthebutt xx

  2. Do these taste more like Churros or Cinnamon Grahams? Cos I love both! Xx