Saturday, 24 December 2016

Snackmas Day 24- Tesco Finest Shortbread: Clementine Honey & Oat and Mulled Spice & Cranberry

Merry Christmas Eve! Yes, Santa has left the Pole and is on his way with hopefully a full sleigh of presents for each and every member of the Snack Army - Who's giddy? I am giddy! 

What do people leave out for the Big Man nowadays anyway? My Santa always wanted a mince pie and tumbler of Brandy.. But I often found only the latter would be empty with just a nibble missing from the pastry - I fear this says a lot about Santa and just maybe some AA sessions might not go amiss in terms of his Christmas gift! Unless he's secretly more of a Shortbread fan? Hmm.. 

I picked up these 2, rather pretty and most definitely reusable tins of Scottish Shortbread in Tesco's festive aisle where they cost £4 each, although I have seen them on offer at £3.50. Both suitable for vegetarians, it is recommended to keep the biscuits in an airtight container once opened which is kind of confusing.. Does this mean the tin itself isn't air tight? Or will only a double container keep them fresh? Someone find out.

Crumbly all butter biscuits, traditional baked with oat, sweet clementine, candied orange peel & smooth Scottish blossom honey and Crumbly all butter biscuits with tangy cranberries and an aromatic blend of cinnamon, cloves, ginger and nutmeg.

Clementine Honey & Oat

Cracking into the packet, a real waft of citrus from the biscuit rounds was immediately apparent and very much pleasant indeed. Taking a munch, texture wise they were everything a shortbread should be - Crunchy, crumbly and melt in the mouth with some contrasting harder nibs thanks to the oats. The initial orange-y aroma reflected in the flavour with a hit of clementine combined with comforting buttery tones along with plenty of sweetness - Not that I would identify this as being anything akin to honey however! Despite the aforementioned, the balance of elements was spot on making for one very delightful, not too sugary, "grown up" shortbread that made the perfect tea companion! A 4 out of 5 from me. 

Mulled Spice & Cranberry

Up next, the more "adventurous" yet once again, traditionally flavoured, Mulled Spice & Cranberry. I can't say the scent of these ruby studed beauties appealed to me quite as much as the above given the slightly bizarre, uncannily cheese like, "winey come nutmeg" smell they gave off - It wasn't particular potent but enough to question at least! Delivering a superb feel once again and bundles of buttery flavour, the biscuit thankfully provided no other dairy but very subtle flares of spice, complimented by the fruity bursts of cranberry. One negative I did experience however was a bit of a sore tongue after having eaten a biscuit which I don't know whether was down to the texture or something in the ingredients that just didn't agree with me in particular! A 3.5 out of 5 from me. 

So I am thinking.. Unless you have a super fussy Santa, I can't see either of these Tesco Finest Shortbread letting down the jolly chap! The Clementine Honey & Oat are without a shadow of a doubt, my favourites and mysterious prevailing ailment aside, the Mulled Spice & Cranberry aren't too shabby either although perhaps lacking the sparkle of the first.. I guess it depends what floats your boat most - Citrus or spice! 

That's your lot Folks, our last Snackmas post done and dusted - I'll be back this evening to kiss you, Cupid and all the other reindeer goodnight with a red nose roundup! 


  1. Hope your tongue has healed in time for my goodnight kiss haha xx

  2. Tesco seem to have ended it ok! I'll be commenting on posts often after this - but I'm still going to be anonymous - sorry! See you tonight! Xx

    1. I don't know why you don't want to be my friend :( Shall I make up a name for you? I don't like the oh so secretive mysterious Anonymous. How about Bruce? Howard? Babs? Deb? Take your pick! xx