Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Snackmas Day 21- M&S Merry Molten Truffles ft. Salted Caramel Fudge Log

We're on the home straight now.. Christmas is only a few short days away! Eek! I trust by now you are all completely organised with the food in, presents wrapped and not a single ounce of impending doom lurking in your panicked subconscious.. No? Well, breathe.. Calm yourselves.. Sit and have a chocolate with me. 

Clementine flavoured milk chocolate truffles dusted with icing sugar and white and milk chocolate truffles dusted with icing sugar and freeze dried cranberries. 

Truth be told, these Merry Molten Truffles might actually be not what you want if you are running around in a flap.. But to get out for a get together or a stocker stuffer, yes, yes! The 185g tray of half Cranberry & White and half Clementine & Milk Chocolate Truffles cost £4 and are peachy-keen for the vegetarians to consume. 

Designed to go into the oven to achieve their "molten" namesake, I preheated my fan oven to 140ºC and whacked a few balls on a tray for the recommended 3 minutes. Much to my astonishment, the spheres came out perfectly, albeit with slightly cracked shells. 

L-R Cranberry & White Choc, Clementine & Milk Choc 

Now isn't that a glorious? - Melty, ooey gooey to the max! Starting with the Cranberry & White Choc, the outside had a thin, crisp texture, not all to dissimilar to that of a Cadbury Mini Egg with a very much sweet taste, thanks to both the shell itself and the smooth white chocolate, and the flavour balancing addition of a pop of tartness from the cranberries. An ever so slightly warm, liquid pool of milky yet cocoa rich chocolate hide in the centre, complimenting the previous elements and generally feeling very much indulgent. Moving onto the Truffle that I expect will appeal to the most people.. Clementine & Milk Choc! Once again, a good, satisfying crunch came from the ball with the same whiff of powdered sugary sweetness before hitting a pleasantly orange tang within - Not overpoweringly citrus or identifiable as the taste of actual Clementines but delicious nevertheless. As one can probably imagine, this went superbly with the silky chocolate, producing Chocolate Orange vibes.. But for the far more sophisticated "grown up"! It's a 4 out of 5 from me. 

Salted Caramel Fudge Log

Oo it's an added extra and one, let's face it, that I was never not going to buy - I just love me some fudge! Priced at £2.50, this 146g Salted Caramel Log is also veggie friendly and rather unfortunately, designed to be sliced and shared.. Opposed to bitten by oneself and scoffed ferociously like the animals, I know you all to be.

Milk chocolate (22%) covered fudge with toffee pieces (3%) and a salted caramel core (5%), decorated with dark chocolate. 

I wasn't quite sure what to do with the thing once out of it's packet. Perhaps you could present it on a fancy plate or board rather than a heathen piece of kitchen towel like I did.. Not that I think that took away from its beauty - Check out the chunkiness!  

Holy moly, what a sight to behold.. This has to be some of M&S's finest work here, surely with the Log cutting beautifully to reveal a trio of golden colours - A thick surrounding coating, the promised core and a dense fudge centre. Soft, squidgy and malleable rather than the rock solid, "gritty" variety, the aforementioned itself was nothing but creamy with oodles of vanilla and naturally, extremely sweet! Adding further to this although not being too much at all, the caramel aspect was equally as divine delivering further buttery, sugary tones.. But not salted in the slightest from what I could tell! A real hit of cocoa came from the chocolate which I have to admit, I feared would let down the lot but surprisingly enough, I was proved wrong and only helped cut through whilst providing a good velvety texture broken up by the toffee nibs, to match. Amazing - A 4.5 out of 5.

Overall, both of these chocolate-y offerings from M&S have floated my boat big time! The Merry Molten Truffles are scrummy, not to mention a great novelty and will make a fabulous addition to any stocking or if you're looking to switch it up, great fun for a party - Maybe only a sit down do however otherwise you'll discover a trail of chocolate all over your carpet, upholstery and comatose-d Grandad*, later on. As for the Salted Caramel Fudge Log.. I don't even care that it isn't salted. Go get one. 

*Also, don't give him one that hasn't been in the oven - Any teeth he does have remaining won't thank you.

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  1. What a bizarre idea those truffles are! I want to try that bar though... xx