Sunday, 18 December 2016

Snackmas Day 18- Tesco Finest: Christmas Market Sausages and Apple, Cranberry and Honey Stuffing Stars

Are you a meat or breadcrumb based Blitzen when it comes to the stuffing with your Turkey Dinner? What about the sausage side option? Traditional sized Pigs in Blankets, the larger bacon wrapped Chipolata or just a plain, "naked" sausey? How does a Christmas Market Inspired number take your fancy with a Bramley Apple, Cranberry and Honey Star to shine through the savoury? There are so many porky options but it is Tesco and their Finest range that we turn to again on Snackmas Day 18! 

Weighing in at 400 and 300g respectively, I found both the Sausages and Stuffing Stars amongst a smorgasbord of Trimmings in the Fresh Meat aisle and priced at £2.50 each - It seems that the majority, if not all the options are gluten free (And proud given it's written on the front of all the packaging!) as well making them perfect for the Pig enthusiast and Hand Selfie King himself, Kevvie! Sadly for me however, I was a bit of a Son of a Nutcracker when it came to the Stars, not realising they contain the dreaded pea fibre.. The bain of my entire being! 

Christmas Market Inspired Pork Sausages

Blimey, these were some big bangers! They might not look it in the action shot but believe you me, they were chunky! Cooked at 180ºC Fan for about 30 minutes, the sausages came out perfectly - Slightly wrinkly and chewy on the outside with a soft, orange hued centre. Taste wise.. Disappointingly, from what I could tell, they possessed not even a nod to Christmas and essentially just tasted like any decent porky, meat sausage. Scanning the ingredients for a second time, incase I had invented the anticipated nutmeg, ginger and sage listed, I was left further baffled - There really was no spice apart from a good seasoning of pepper! Nice but not it's namesake - A 3 out of 5 from me. 

Bramley Apple, Cranberry and Honey Stuffing Stars

Moving onto the Stars which also cooked well at the same temperate as the above and for the same time, holding their shape - I like a bit of burnt around the edges! Very soft, squidgy and juicy, the meat oozed herby meaty flavour with a real injection of sweet from the identifiable, caramelised tart tones of apple and cranberry, mellowed by the classic taste of comforting honey. All the different flavour elements went well together, despite being a big twist and anything but what you would expect from a conventional "savoury" Stuffing. A 4 out of 5! 

Overall, both of these Tesco Finest Trimmings are very much enjoyable and would make a great addition to your December 25th Feast. It is a shame that the Christmas Market Inspired Sausages seem to have misplaced their inspo somewhere along the way but as Sausages go.. They more than suffice. As for the Stuffing Stars, MSW practically forced one upon me despite my pea allergy simply because they were "so good and I couldn't miss out".. She was right. As always. And I lived to retell this thrilling tale now. Get yourselves down to Tescy, ASAP! 


  1. There's nothing better than a gluten free piggy 🐷 #believeinbutty xx

  2. I finally found the pannetone in John Lewis! And didn't buy it. Instead, I opted for amaretti biscuits - very nice and only £6 for a big tin! Xx

    1. Huzzah! ..Boo! Santa best be bringing you one of those Panettone's or all hell gonna break loose! ;D Amaretti are equally as delicious however - Enjoy!! xx