Saturday, 10 December 2016

Snackmas Day 10- KFC UK Colonel's Christmas Burger

Anyone up for a second sleigh ride to a Fast Food joint? I'm down for whatever.. But mostly for this, first of its kind, Christmas Burger from everyones* favourite clucky shop, KFC! 

Yes, he may be late to the party but The Colonel is finally whitening his beard, rosying his cheeks and adorning his Christmas hat by venturing into a festive addition to the chains menu! Posing the age old question "Because who really likes turkey anyway?", the burger comes as part of a Fully Loaded Box Meal with a drink and side of your choice along with fries and a piece of original recipe chicken, all for £5.99.. You can always buy one individually however if for some crazy reason, you're not in the mood for the full works. 

Original recipe fillet, hash brown, cranberry sauce and sage and onion stuffing mayo - It's christmas in a bun. 

A festive twist on the classic Fillet Tower, the burger certainly looked the part with some sneaky cheese on show and the obligatory overkill of lettuce.. 

And the cranberry sauce actually oozed! - Always a good sign that a generous amount is waiting for one! Working from the outside in, the bun itself was super fresh and a decent enough "holder" to the fillings despite being extremely soft and light. Contrasting to this was a crunch from the cooked to perfection, crisp hash brown before hitting the melted cheese upon succulent, signature coated chicken combo beneath. This all made for a solid start even before hitting the pleasantly herby and very much stuffing-esque flavour of the creamy mayo - I would have liked a smidgen more but no matter. Sweet yet tart enough to identify as being cranberry, the sticky sauce brought everything together, went surprisingly well with the chicken and really reinforced the overall feel of a Christmas dinner.. Even with the abundance of healthy, lettuce on the side! Marvellous!

Ah, old Colonel Sanders has been a right secret Santa here in keeping this Christmas Burger from us for so long.. It may be fairly simple but it's been executed well with loads of different textures and most importantly, all the festive flavours one could want, going on! Because who really likes turkey anyway? Me, I do ..But it has no place here! It's a 4 out of 5 from me. 

*Has anyone ever gone to KFC to find that they are sold out of chicken? My friend Nikki has.. And she made the papers for it! Hi Nikki, hi! 


  1. It was the saddest day of my life when KFC told me they ran out of chicken! It was like the Grinch who Stole Christmas!! :(

    1. Try not to think about it.. It's just too upsetting :( xx

  2. God I want one now! How can KFC run out of chicken that's craziness xxx

    1. Go Peanut, you need one! :D Haha who bloody knows, it's like a coffee shop running out of coffee! xx

  3. Three questions:
    1:Why have I not had one of these yet?
    2:Why is there a hash brown in it?
    3:Have you seen the 'Brexit nativity' advert?

    1. Three answers:
      1. I do not know. Sort it out.
      2. Hash browns make everything better.
      3. No but I once played a donkey in the nativity and I was amazing.


    2. Ha ha! I seem to remember I was Father Christmas... that traditional nativity character! Xx