Monday, 27 July 2015

Review- Tyrrells Coconut & Caramel Poshcorn

Popcorn is my favourite part of going to the cinema. There's something about the smell of a big bag of the sweet, warm kernels which just makes me happy inside.. I wish I could say the same about the prices! Given that the world has gone popcorn mad, I am thankful that the stuff is now readily available, cheaply enough, in a whole host of flavours. Brace yourselves.. This is Coconut & Caramel Poshcorn from Tyrrells! 

A delicate infusion of exotic coconut and a light whisper of caramel, captured in pleasingly airy, fluffy pops. 

I picked up the 75g bag in Tesco. I am guessing it is extremely popular as this was the last rogue bag that had been chucked in with the "healthy" crisps. I couldn't find its place on the shelf with the rest of the popcorns so I haven't the foggiest, of its price. The Tesco website is telling me £1.59 so I shall just go with that! 

Opening the bag was amazing.. I was engulfed by the scent of a tropical paradise! The popcorn was as promised - Light and airy with none of the borderline rubbery texture, you can sometimes find! It dissolved on the tongue after the moreish munching - It was a little to easy to eat, if I am honest! There were no unpopped kernels lurking in the bottom of the bag nor any inedible hard bits to get stuck in your teeth. Taste wise, it was coconut heaven! The flavour was spot on, not overpowering in the slightest or artificial tasting. The caramel came through as subtle undertones which was the perfect pairing to the main flavour of coconut - Anything stronger would have spoilt it, I feel. Yum yum! 

Without a shadow of a doubt, this Coconut & Caramel Poshcorn is my new favourite. A portion may be 22g but at 506 Calories per 100g, with only 3g Saturates and pretending the 22g of Sugar isn't there, I think its perfectly acceptable to eat the entire 75g bag in one sitting.. No? QUICK, someone do the maths and work out the values for 3/4s! It is top marks from me today, 5 out of 5 - All hail the almighty Tyrrells!

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