Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Review- St Pierre Bakery Tear & Share Brioche with Chocolate Filling

I have very fond memories of MSW buying St Pierre Bakery Brioche, during my childhood - My favourite was always the round, custard filled Tear & Shares with the icing on the top! Since then, I have only ever seen those in The Spar which I no longer have local to me, sadly.. Imagine my excitement when I saw St Pierre Bakery being sold in Tesco, once again - I could barely contain myself! 

I picked up this 400g Tear & Share Brioche with Chocolate Filling for £1.90. I really like the handy aluminium tray it sits in along with the outer, plastic wrapping - It keeps it nice and fresh! 

French brioche with chocolate flavoured filling and chocolate chips 

The light and airy brioche was super easy to cut in thick wedges which revealed the chocolate swirl inside. The texture was soft and squishy with a lovely chewy texture before melting in the mouth. Taste wise, it was very buttery as all good brioches should be! The chocolate element was plentiful and had the stereotypical, almost boozy, european cocoa taste - A perfect pairing to the buttery, sweet bread. I can't say I noticed many chocolate chips but I didn't feel the brioche was lacking anything, as is - Yummy, yum yum!  

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed having St Pierre Brioche again and couldn't get enough of this offering!  I hope Tesco staring selling more of their products in the future - I would definitely be a regular buyer of these nostalgic baked goods. Its a 4 out of 5 from me! 

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