Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Review- Greggs Caramel and Pecan Greggsnut

Greggs is somewhere I never, ever go. I did spend a lot of my youth in them though.. I don't know about you but there's something about a Chicken Bake, that just screams, sweaty, hormone raging teenager, to me. With that delightful image in mind.. I was on my way back from my holidays, early Sunday morning and found myself so ravenous, I had to stop at a service station to get something to eat. I grabbed a Sausage & Onion Toastie in Costa, a Strawberry & Cream Cooler to wash it down and this Caramel and Pecan Greggsnut from.. Wait for it.. Greggs! I can't think of a better 7am breakfast combo, can you? 

Delicious layered doughnut with toffee flavour filling, topped with white icing and pecan pieces decorated with a chocolate flavour drizzle. 

You'll have to excuse the terrible lighting - Never something to complain about but it was a gloriously bright morning which made picture taking in my car, a tad troublesome! 

This may have been the best thing I have ever eaten and I am not just saying that due to my ravenous nature at the time! It was like a doughnut/pastry/bun hybrid! The flakey layers were crumbly yet super soft and chewy with a sweet, buttery dough flavour. Inside, hide a thick layer of "caramel" which tasted exactly like a Werther's Original and not to dissimilar to my own toffee sauce - Greggs have clearly stolen my recipe! A sugary layer of set, white, water icing coated the doughnut with a topping of chopped, crunchy pecans for added nuttiness and a chocolatey drizzle, as the finishing touch. Absolutely divine! 

I think I need to visit Greggs more often.. If their other sweet bakery goods are anything like the Greggsnut, I could easily find myself embracing my inner teen and setting up camp in there, once more! At £1 a pop, I highly recommend dashing down to your local store, buying a dozen and not sharing them with anyone. Its an almighty, top marks from me - 5 out of 5! 


  1. This is foodporn! Awesome yumm :)

    1. I am going to be dreaming of these Greggsnut for the foreseeable future :D