Friday, 17 July 2015

Review- Pots & Co Strawberries & Cream

I have been wanting to try Pots & Co for ages but have never seen them anywhere apart from a random Budgens at a Petrol Station - Not the most practical place to pick up a pud! Lucky for me, I am on my holidays and found this Strawberries & Cream pot in a local Tesco. 

The 110g ceramic pot cost a pricey £2 - Its a good job it is reusable.. I do like to collect ramekins. 

The fresh strawberry compote set on a baked Madagascan vanilla cream was ready to eat, straight from the fridge and does not need cooking. 

I can't say the dessert smelt of a lot - There was a vague strawberry scent along with a biscuity aroma which I don't know what was about since no biscuit was present! The texture was very soft and quite similar to that of a thick yogurt - You wouldn't know it was meant to be baked! Taste wise, it was all a bit to creamy for me! There was very little vanilla flavour to the cream so it was mainly just rich and sickly with a a hint of strawberry from the compote. A baked cheesecake with a fruiter tangy, topping would have worked so much better! 

Overall, I think I may have picked the wrong flavour as my first Pots & Co pud - Cream fanatics might love this but it certainly wasn't my cup of tea. Next time, I will definitely go for the Salted Caramel & Chocolate or Chocolate & Orange but for now.. At least I have a nice new bit of ceramic crockery! Its a 1 out of 5 from me. 


  1. What an absolute disappointment ! This had such potential, maybe if the strawberry was swirled through it and the cream was more like a panna cotta rather than a thick yogurt! Great review as always :) x

    1. It did! I was so looking forward to it :( I am really not sure what the whole "baked" thing was meant to be about.. It was literally just a thick tasteless cream :s A Panna Cotta with a fruity strawberry compote swirled throughout would be fab! We should suggest that to Pots & Co :D x