Saturday 25 July 2015

Review- The Grown Up Chocolate Company NEW White Chocolate Praline Wonder Bar

I have heard a lot about The Grown Up Chocolate Company but have never managed to get my hands on any.. That was until I visited the lovely, Snape Maltings in Suffolk which had a smorgasbord of their bars! 

I picked up the NEW White Chocolate Praline Wonder Bar for £1.99 - Very pricey for only 65g of chocolate! 

Caramelised wafer praline topped with creamy white chocolate fudge and biscuit pearls all encased in smooth white chocolate. A true Wonder Bar! 

Boy, did this smell sweet! It was a bit like a Milky Bar, biscuit concoction. The texture was a little odd - It had a very soft bite due to the fudge which did melt in the mouth but the biscuit balls were crunchy and the wafer had a gritty feel once chewed. Taste wise, it was as ridiculously sweet as expected.. Throat burningly so, unfortunately. A caramel flavour did come through as well as it being nutty from the praline but everything was completely overpowered by the condensed milk plus added sugar flavour, thanks to the white chocolate and fudge. I couldn't really distinguish the biscuits but I'm guessing they were mainly just sweet as well - Not one for me, sadly! 

Overall, I think this one might be best left to the real, pure sugar fanatics.. Who clearly have a proclivity for expensive dental work. I wasn't particularly impressed by the quality of the white chocolate - As much as I like Milky Bars, I don't expect or want a "premium" chocolate bar to taste like it, especially with all the other sweet elements going on! There are lots of other bars including the Glorious Coconut Hocus Pocus that I will be reviewing, in the not to distant future and the Lovely Fruit Nutty Crunchy which I have sent, the gorgeous, @NibsnScribs' way so go badger her for a review if peanutty things are up your street! Its a 1.5 out of 5 for this cavity inducing treat! 


  1. Ahhh you are too kind! Yes a peanutty review will be coming very soon! Shame about this bar, I too love a milky bar but not for £1.99. I am also of the mindset that praline should not be in chocolate!

    1. Yay! I'm excited to see how yours fares :D I like sweet but this was to sweet! I think most people would struggle to eat both in one go which is a pain as what do you do with the other half? In my house, it would be eaten by someone else if left unattended for longer than 5 minutes ;D Oo controversial Nib Nobs!! I am in the mindset that praline is good everywhere haha.