Thursday, 14 January 2016

Review- Weetabix NEW Protein Crunch

BSW has what I call, "a pitless stomach" - The man can eat and eat and eat without feeling remotely full up.. It amazes us all. Last week, he specifically requested some a cereal to take to work with him as he just can't make it to lunch time without some sort of snack in-between. Since, I am ever so generous, I went and picked him up these Weetabix NEW Protein Crunch in hope to sustain the poor chap.. As well as being a extra reviewing opportunity for me! 

Perhaps easily swayed by the promise of being kept going all morning thanks to being packed with protein and a satisfying combination of wholegrain wheat and oats, I had no qualms about paying £2.99 for the 450g box of Chocolate flavour cereal from Asda.. Although it just so happens to now be on Rollback for £1.50 which is just typical! 

It appears we have moved on from Gü ramekins, mainly because I couldn't find one, into another round, glass pot thats intended purpose isn't being a bowl. Alway one to eat cereal dry, I took a handful of the about 2cm long tubes and had a good munch. The seriously crunchy cereal was both similar in texture and taste to Nestle Nesquik - Just far less sweet but still with a good chocolatey flavour. A malty element was also very apparent which I can only put down to the oats in the ingredients, I guess! Although I personally didn't try them with milk, BSW reported that they go pleasantly soft without being to mushy and concurred that they do taste rather like that moreish chocolate cereal of our youth. 

Overall, I am pleasantly surprised by these Weetabix NEW Protein Crunch - They are mighty moreish and do feel like a substantial snack without any sort of yucky, "protein" product, taste. A plain, non-chocolatey version is also available which I too would be interested in trying.. Hopefully BSW might want those next and I can nick some! It's a 4 out of 5 from me! 

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