Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Review- Thomas J. Fudge's Wondrous White Chocolate Florentines

I think I need to make up a Thomas J. Fudge's, chant - I love them so and have lost count of how many reviews I have done now! My trusty old and ever so slightly nutty, Mrs 1T very kindly sent me these Wondrous White Chocolate Florentines for Christmas (Along with something else which will be revealed another day) after not being able to find them for love nor money - How wonderful is she?! 

I do enjoy the illustration on these boxes.. Who knew balancing buildings on ones hat could be such fun? I am almost tempted to give it ago myself! 

I don't mean to alarm anybody but the 8 Florentines were presented in a plastic tray within a cardboard outer.. What is this sorcery?!

It may look like I picked the Florentine that was the most loaded, for the sake of a good picture but I assure you this wasn't the case at all - The distribution of dried fruit was on point with only 1 round, lacking a Sultana or 2.. A vast improvement to what I have experienced previously! Taking a bite, I was shocked by how hard it was. As usual, there was an abundance of crunchy almonds but I think it was the caramel holding the lot together that resulted in actual effort having to be used to chomp through. This in turn caused the thick white chocolate to crack and crumble everywhere but where it was suppose to go and I ended eating most of it off the table top! Taste wise, there wasn't as much to complain about as they were delicious - Rich, buttery and sweet with nuttiness and a fruity, zingy kick thanks to the citrus peel. The quality of the thick chocolate was superb in being super creamy and sweet but not to sweet to handle.. So I can forgive its crumbly state! 

Overall and not surprisingly, these Wondrous White Chocolate Florentines are fantastic. I have moaned previously about the quality control of Thomas J. Fudge's goods but these were spot on.. They even softened up and went slightly gooey once opened which made them easier on the teeth. I can't fathom how or why the texture of each variant of Florentine* has been so different but I don't suppose it matters all that much considering how delicious they always are. It's a 4 out of 5 from me - Thanks Mrs 1T

Wonderful White Chocolate Flapjacks, I am coming for you next! 

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