Saturday 16 January 2016

Review- NEW Kinder Joy

This is quite possibly the most exciting release since Giant Biscuits.. In fact, I think it is on a whole other level - Kinder Joy have come to the UK! Katherine, otherwise known as Grocery Gems was of course, the first person to jump on these and on her word, I promptly hotfooted it down to the Co Op to pick myself up a couple. 

Now, what these 20g eggs are actually priced at, I am uncertain. They were marked at an extortionate £1 each but I was charged £2.60 making them 86p a pop.. But Kev's, Co op had them on offer for 2 for £1.60 so who knows, exactly! 

For anyone who doesn't know, Kinder Joy are nothing like the traditional hollow, Kinder Surprise with chocolate cream and wafer balls rather than a set egg shell. A handy little tab helps separate the 2 plastic halves of the egg to produce a foil topped left side containing Kinder chocolatey goodness with the right, holding the signature DIY toy and a handy spoon to aid scooping! 

Since the quality of the toy is paramount, I got a dinky dune buggy in mine which was as easy as peas to put together.. Unlike some that genuinely require some sort of Honours in Construction to figure out! 

Crispy cocoa wafer bites on milky and cocoa creams 

I wasn't sure what would be the best way to picture these - 20g isn't an awful lot after all! I cut one of the balls in half to try first. As expected, the aerated wafer spheres were very light and crunchy with a roasted nut sort of taste, despite not any being in the ingredients, with a soft, sweet chocolatey cream centre. 

Moving onto the creams (And a different KJ, entirely!) of a sweet chocolate base layer with a milky top, both were silky smooth in texture and together, similar to the MilkyWay Spread but with a much nicer flavour. It really did taste like a gooey equivalent of the Kinder Chocolate Mini's. Very sweet, very milky and very yummy! 

Overall and not surprisingly, I am quite chuffed that these Kinder Joy have made it to the UK. Yes, the are minuscule and stupidly priced but for the novelty factor and pure Kinder hit, I can't fault them at all. I am not sure if and when they will be available anywhere other than the Co Op's Easter aisle but I highly recommend you seek them out. It's a 4 out of 5 from me! 


  1. Thanks for the mention Lucy! Glad you finally got some Kinder Joy in your life. I hope there were no mascarpone sauce mishaps this time?

    1. Haha nope! I stayed well clear of any potential flying sauce tubs! Wasn't going to smell like an Italian restaurant for a second day on the trot! lol x