Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Review- Krispy Kreme LE Doughnuts: Honey Bee and Love Bug

Valentines Day appears to be big business over in Krispy Kreme world. Yesterday saw 2 NEW Doughnuts gracing Stores and Tesco cabinets alike which of course, excited me no end.. Despite not caring one way or the other for the occasion itself. I am not one to bang on about the commercialism of it all as that can be said for anything.. I just don't have anyone to love.. Apart from myself.. Which is why I buy all the Doughnuts and am ridiculously bitter.  Moving on.. 

I picked up both the Honey Bee and Love Bug for £1.90 each. I have to say these are some of the cutest KK I've seen with their smiley little faces and bright bodies.. And for once, they don't look like they've been rushed during production! 

Honey Bee

The Honey Bee is filled with smooth chocolate and hand-dipped in vanilla flavoured icing

I suspect everyone and their Mother will be saying this but why this Honey Bee isn't filled with some sort of honey flavouring is beyond me. Yes, it is a cute name but it does seem a bit like a missed opportunity since its not commonly used and the chocolate options are already free flowing.. Never mind, I guess! As usual, it felt rather cruel slicing something so innocently adorable in half but needs must when it comes to getting a good picture! The dough was superb in being up to the usual soft and fluffy standard with the signature Krispy Kreme flavour. A thick chocolate filling was in abundance which although was silky and smooth it was a bit to sweet and artificial for my liking. As for the icing.. Well, it was certainly generous but it both smelt and tasted like Play-Doh with 0 vanilla! I couldn't stomach such a flavour so donated it to MSW who agreed it was questionable but managed to eat it anyways - She's a soldier. It's a 2 out of 5 from me. 

Love Bug

Our cute Love Bug is filled with strawberry mousse and hand-dipped in raspberry icing

I was scared when it came to this doughnut given its bright yellow, doughy Adonis - The icing was once again super thick but fortunately smelt much more inviting. Taking a bite, I was in heaven. The texture was perfect with a real fruity flavour of which both the raspberry and the strawberry were identifiable. A baby pink mousse filling was really crammed in the centre and beautifully whipped and light with a jammy like flavour. The cerise coloured topped was pleasantly tart which kept things from getting to sweet and as there was plenty of it, no bite lacked, lustre. A finishing touch of the smiley face comprising of a harder icing was lovely for that extra added something. A 4 out of 5 from me! 

Overall and in standard Krispy Kreme style, these LE Valentines Doughnuts are a funny old match - The Love Bug is wonderful and should be available all year round whereas the Honey Bee needs to be put down. I've noticed it before but the chocolate that KK use really isn't up to scratch.. And the icing on this occasion, I am convinced came from a Playgroup.. I feel sorry for kids if that's what they snack on nowadays. Go check out NibsnScribs review as she too is a fan of consoling ones woes with dough and have a lovey dovey (Or not so much) 14th of February! 

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