Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Review- Lola's Cupcakes NEW Chia Seed & Blackberry

Oh look.. A Cupcake - As you can see, January's healthy eating is going splendidly. No joke, this treat from Lola's is perfectly acceptable as it contains a Superfood.. Chia Seeds! What are Chia Seeds, I hear you ask? Haven't the foggiest, I eat chocolate not Chia but Google has informed me that they're from a plant in the Mint family and are full of fibre, protein as well as being super absorbing which makes todays review of the NEW Chia Seed & Blackberry Cupcake practically sinless. 

I picked up the classic sized Cupcake from the little stand at Bluewater for £2.95. It seems their much larger stomping ground, situated in the Lower Winter Garden Dining area has been taking over by Earl of Sandwich - Some sort of famous, American hot sammie Company. I am not best pleased about this as it means I can no longer get my hands on one of Lola's epic Cupcake Milkshakes which are literally the things that dreams are made of! 

I managed to get my Cupcake home completely unscathed, without a single buff in sight - There is nothing worse than loosing half the frosting on the box! Cutting the thing in two, I was a little surprised how stodgy and almost damp it felt.. Although I don't suppose I should have been given my overall lack of experience with Chia Seeds and in turn, not having a clue what to expect! The sponge was a bit like Carrot Cake with its signature soft and squidgy feel, along with the obvious bits of the grated vegetable I could see for myself. An abundance of seeds ran throughout which weren't exactly hard but did have a bite to them as well as some chopped almonds adding further crunch. Flavour wise, this Cupcake was a bit bizarre.. It didn't taste of anything really - Not Carrot Cake, spice, seeds or nuts! I couldn't even identify what the thick topping was but decided it had to be Cream Cheese Frosting, despite not having any sort of tang, purely due to the fact it wasn't the full on sugary sweet you find with a Buttercream. The Blackberry element was also pretty redundant with its total lack of fruitiness or any sort of flavour - Rubbish! 

Overall, I can't say I am all that impressed with this NEW offering from Lola's Cupcakes.. Not to mention Chia Seeds in general! I have absolutely no idea what they were trying to achieve here.. It's like a confused Carrot Cake thats had its spice removed in exchange for some hard but not hard, bitty things, tasteless nuts and tang-less frosting to top.. And I don't one bit feel rejuvenated by my intake of a Superfood either. Perhaps I need to eat more. I don't want to eat more. Chia Seed & Blackerry Cupcake, it's a 1.5 out of 5 from me - Sorry Lola's!

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