Sunday, 24 January 2016

Review- Kingdom Dark Chocolate & Pistachio

Another day, another present.. I was most spoilt at Christmas! A certain someone took being a Secret Santa to a whole other level and is whom we can thank todays review for.. It's my Turkey guzzling companion, Bake Off date and general all round partner in crime, NibsnScribs! I shall spare you all a soppy eulogy about how glorious she is.. But instead will say, that if you've ever considered making a shrine, make one in her honour - She really is that worthy and will probably reward you with chocolate.. A win win situation for all, don'tcha think!? 

Dark Chocolate 63% with white chocolate 17%, pistachio 13% flavoured chocolate centre

Ever one to be bold and knowing full well of my nut woes, this suspiciously green Dark Chocolate & Pistachio bar was one of my gifts. I hadn't tried Kingdom previously but apparently they are Montezuma's Cheeky Little Brother which coincidentally, I have not had either but do know that they are very much a British company who are big on ethics. 

The first thing to excite me about this bar was the little crown embellishments on each cube of chocolate - I'm a sucker for aesthetics! It smelt invitingly of good quality dark cocoa with no nuttiness, much to my surprise. The chocolate had a lovely melt to it with the centre being just as smooth and luxurious. Flavour wise, I am torn yet happy to say that the Pistachio element was wonderfully non existent - Literally, nothing was apparent other than the delicious balance of creamy and bitter, not to unlike Green & Blacks, of the dark chocolate. I even tasted the olive coloured centre seperately and it was sweet, white chocolate and nothing but - I liked it a lot! 

Overall, this Dark Chocolate & Pistachio bar may just be Dark Chocolate but I enjoyed it thoroughly.. And not just because I didn't have to have a fight with any potential allergens. The quality of chocolate is superb and Kingdom have managed to strike the perfect balance of rich and sweet to produce something super yummy.. Just not nutty! Thanks Nibs - You're magical! It's a 4 out of 5 from me. 

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