Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Review- McDonald's UK NEW Great Tastes of America: The Tennessee Stack

Bye bye, never ending McDonald's Monopoly - Great Tastes of America is back in the UK and boy, have things been stepped up a gear! Gone are the days of 5 different Burgers over 5 weeks.. This year we've got 3 Stacks, each available for 2 weeks with the Tennessee number up first and kicking things off today!

Of course, it was Burger Lad who was the first to bring this exciting Fast Food news to the forefront.. Although he did cut things slightly fine on this occasion and I took great pleasure in pestering him, there is nothing about Burgers the man doesn't know (He's even been to McDonald's HQ! 4 times!) so go say "Howdy do" and give him a follow - He's a good egg. 

Two 100% British and Irish beef burgers with bacon, smokey cheese, a Tennessee style BBQ sauce, grilled onions and lettuce in a flour topped bun. 

So what is The Tennessee Snack, I hear you ask. Well, it is just that of its description and potentially full of greatness - A double patty, double cheese, double smokey, BBQ, bacon, grilled onion, Burger.. With some lettuce thrown in for good measure. Mine certainly looked the part even if a little wonky and slightly smaller in size than I envisaged.

Obtaining a decent picture of the very slippy, slidey Burger was almost impossible to achieve so please excuse the above shot.. At least there are some sneaky onion showing, right? Starting with the bun itself, there was no question about its freshness - The inside was soft and fluffy yet robust enough to withstand the weight of the beef patty duo which also delivered in terms of meaty flavour as well as being perfectly cooked without a hint of grease or being overly dry. As expected, this went well with the melted cheese which I suspect was just the American variety as I couldn't identify any smoke even when tasted alone! Thankfully, the BBQ sauce pepped things up although once again, wasn't as potent as I expected nor in abundance.. The bacon however were in large rashers and very pleasant! Sweet, mellow tones came from the soft cooked onion rounding things off nicely, with a hint of crunch from the lettuce - I do like it when both feature in a Burger! Yum!

What a way to start Great Tastes of American 2016! - The Tennessee Stack is delicious and certainly far more gourmet than any McDonald's Burger (Minus the Bacon Clubhouse), I've ever had.. It's all in the double patty and grilled onions! Yes, I am a little disappointed at the lack of smokiness but I expect on any other day, the blob of BBQ sauce would be more significant.. Hopefully at least! I will definitely be getting another either way before the Stack switch over to the New York number which just so happens to come on a Bagel! Exciting times are ahead but for now, it's a 4 out of 5 from me. 


  1. I'm in the US and live in Tennessee and McDonald's serves nothing like this at all over here! It's offerings are truly not the greatest where we live. If they sold a Tennessee burger, it would probably go over quite well here! Sigh...

    1. Oh that sounds a bit rubbish! I would have thought that you lot in the States get all the good Burgers and we, here in the UK are years behind! At least you have your pick of Oreo flavours.. Every cloud has a silver lining and all that haha :D xx