Friday, 8 April 2016

Review- Asda NEW Custard Cream Cake

Since Asdas' Birthday Cake selection isn't already extensive enough with every flavour, every character and every size available, the Store have released quite a few NEW additions these past few weeks. Ones to particularly catch my eye were the domed Smash Cakes in Chocolate and Vanilla which both have a secret stash of goodies ready to bash into - What Kid, big or small doesn't want that on their Birthday?! Speaking of Birthdays and although it isn't officially hers until the 24th, I'm completely using MSW as an excuse for this purchase.. 

Of course, it's the NEW Custard Cream Cake! There was no chance of me picking any other! This bad boy of unknown weight, cost £7 which surprised me as I was under the impression that it would be £8 - Always happy to save a quid!

What a whopper! This cake takes the biscuit.. our spectacular sweet sponge, sandwiched with vanilla flavour buttercream and topped with soft icing - perfect with a cuppa!

WHAT A WHOPPER!, indeed. The cake certainly delivered aesthetically in looking exactly like it's mini, biscuit buddy with embellished writing and all. One thing I am not sure of though is how one would get 16 portions out of it. They really would be no bigger in size than the original biscuit!

Golly gosh, it cut beautifully - The knife slide through like butter with no need for the sawing motion, suggested on the box. As for the scent, it was nothing but heavenly with an uncanny similarity to Angel Cake combined with oodles of vanilla and a biscuity edge! 

Imagine the above slice cut into 4.. Because that is exactly what you would get if you were to oblige to the recommended serving - The picture shows 1/4 of the cake! By all means, don't go all out, halve it if necessary but surely anything less or heaven forbid 1/16th (In its entirety) wouldn't even be worth having!? It's absurd! Anyways, on to the eating and what everyone wants to know.. Does it actually taste of a Custard Cream? Well, I am happy to report that yes, it does and I am shell shocked after having expected just a plain vanilla cake! Unbeknownst to me how the flavour of said biscuit was actually achieved, I do know that the golden sponge itself was soft, light, moist and miles apart from some of the dense Madeira, you find in Supermarket bought, Birthday Cakes. Sandwiched between was a well proportioned layer of whipped buttercream to both compliment and heighten the vanilla tones superbly. Lastly was the layer of fondant covering the lot which was malleable yet still with bite.. Once again, it was more the generous in thickness as well as super sweet and delicious! The 3 simple elements went perfectly together as well as breaking up the texture to produce one yummy, biscuity, cake!

Blimey. I'm flabbergasted. Who would have thought that this Custard Cream Cake wouldn't just be a silly marketing ploy but actually taste of a Custard Cream? Not me that's for sure and I suspect I am not the only sceptic! I can barely fault this delight from Asda but will say, it is very sweet and a throat burn may occur if you have one to many mouthfuls.. But it still would only feed about 10 at a push! There is also a Bourbon version which I am now obviously extremely eager to try - If that too tastes of its biscuit namesake, I won't know what to do with myself! It's a cracking 4.5 out of 5 from me!


  1. Oh my days. I genuinely think there might be a picture of this if you look up 'food porn' in the dictionary.

    1. I think you might be right.. It's a beaut! :D xx

  2. So pleased that this actually tastes of custard cream and isn't just a regular tasting cake that is shaped like one. I really want to buy it but not sure what id end up doing with the rest of the cake since it's probably only me that would eat it!! I agree the smash cakes look amazing too... So many cakes!

    1. Not having anyone to share it with is a poor enough excuse not to buy one haha.. It is so bloomin tasty! And I don't expect it would be all the difficult to consume by ones self anyways.. Mine had a good 3 weeks self life on - I'm sure you could manage it! ;) xx