Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Review- M&S Apricot Marzipan Bar

"Guilt free snacking"? I don't think I have ever felt guilty about snacking. I like snacks.. Although I guess it can't be wrong to pick a "healthier" option such as this NEW but not really, Apricot Marzipan Bar from M&S which is aimed at those who are a little more calorie conscious. 

Milk chocolate bar with a marzipan and chopped dried apricot centre (63%), decorated with milk chocolate. 

The all round delight that is The Review Addict sent me the 118kcal, 25g bar as part of my Birthday present a long with a plethora of other treats. I am unsure if they come in multipacks or if they are sold separately as I haven't seen them in store personally but perhaps both! 

I thought the dinky bar had melted when cutting it in half as it was so soft, squidgy and a bit like a fondant.. But given that it was kept well away from sunlight and the radiator, I can only assume this was how it was meant to me! Taste wise, although pleasant enough, it was a bit of a weird one and almost like the apricot and marzipan were fighting one another. Both elements were really strong with the chunky apricot being particularly fruity but borderline artificial with a hell of a lot of sweetness. Then there was the marzipan which oozed lovely almondy, Bakewell tones but once again, was extremely potent which I found to clash with the apricot. As for the chocolate, coating the lot.. It was barely noticeable due to all the sweet - Such a shame! 

Overall, I can't say this M&S Apricot Marzipan Bar is for me which is a shame as I have been enjoying the companies confectionary range lately. It is a little too sugary and I know that there are nicer "healthy" snacks out there which don't leave you bouncing off the walls! Thanks Bananah! Sorry Bananah! - It's a 2.5 out of 5 from me. 


  1. Strange that the almond and marzipan "clashed", to your tastes, given that the almond and apricot are related. Apricot kernels are actually used to make a marzipan in some instances, too. Also apricot kernel 'amaretti'. So yes, this review did surprise me. I expected to see a positive result tbh.

    1. Ah just because they "shouldn't" clash, doesn't mean they can't. Analogy time! Take my brother for example, we may be all grown up but still there are times when he wants to rip my throat out and I would take no greater pleasure than to throttle him - Our relation plays no part in this.. And it is no different in the case of apricot and marzipan. Despite best intentions, sometimes things just don't work together.. Never mind about "shoulda, coulda, woulda" - Sorry! xx

    2. My point wasn't about shoulds or intentions, but their shared flavour profile. Close relatives, hence their similar...oh, never mind.

    3. Yes.. Your point was grasped the first time. But in this instance, they do not work.. Even though they share a flavour profile, are close relatives or whatever else you want to chuck into the mix. All in my opinion of course which means absolutely nothing. Buy all the Apricot Marzipan Bars and reap in their glory! xx

    4. Tbh, I'm infinitely more excited by their new peanut butter one.

    5. Can't quite recall who reviewed that one but I need to find it. Badly. Reece's with actual chocolate? I'd revel in THAT bit of glory with gay abandon!

    6. I've reviewed it ;) And it's not that great tbh.