Monday, 21 March 2016

Review- Tesco Finest Toffee Fudge & Belgian Chocolate Hot Cross Buns

Hands up who likes traditional Hot Cross Buns.. Hands up if you like them fruity but less traditional.. Hands up those who like them rich and chocolatey.. If you're anything like me, I suspect you've just run out of hands! They are all delicious and as it is Easter this weekend, no doubt a lot will be being consumed of all the different flavours. Here is one option that falls in to the latter category - Toffee Fudge & Belgian Chocolate! 

As usual, said Hot Cross Buns were bought in Tesco where they cost £1.50. For some reason, they weren't available when I reviewed the two other Finest Buns back, at the beginning of February (A January purchase).. But if the fruitier options are more up your street, do go have a read! 

Filled with pieces of toffee fudge & Belgian dark chocolate chips. 

Cutting the Bun in half, lots of chocolate chunks and pockets of toffee were plain to see which I do appreciate as a lack of filling, is good to no one! As expected, the quality of the dough itself was superb - Soft and springy in texture with an ever so slight, molasses sort of taste. The borderline runny morsels of toffee added buttery, sweet tones as well as bringing an always pleasant, gooeyness. A rich depth of cocoa came from the studded, chocolate chips which helped cut the sweetness and were surprisingly dark in taste - A good call as I think a milk chocolate would have been far to sweet. Very decadent and very yummy!

I really can't fault Tesco Hot Cross Buns, be it from their regular range or the Finest - They always deliver on a decent soft dough with a quantity of fillings that no one can complain about.. And todays  Toffee Fudge & Belgian Chocolate are no exception! Definitely get yourself a packet before they disappear off the shelves for another year - It's a 4.5 out of 5 from me! 


  1. I love the hot cross bun and my hands were in the air like I just do not care xx