Saturday, 31 October 2015

Review- M&S The Crazy One

Happy Halloween, Folks! I hope you've all got your Pumpkins carved, treats stocked up and are ready to scare off any little Darlings that knock on your door - I'm knee deep in "spooky" biscuits and more then prepared to lob them at any unsuspecting youths! Thats about as devilish as things get in my household so todays review is no TRICK but all the TREAT!

Milk chocolate bar with soft chocolate centre containing butterscotch pieces, popping candy and toffee popcorn pieces

Marks & Spencers, The Crazy One! A sneaky surprise present from the every so lovely yet slightly disturbed, NibsnScribs - Pretty sure she was trying to tell me something with this one! 

This little log shaped delight was a concoction and a half - You could almost say.. Straight out of a Witches cauldron! It smelt amazing and full of rich cocoa. Texture wise, it was a bit of a strange one - Hard and firm yet soft from the truffle like centre with lots of hard bits running throughout which made it very crunchy. The flavour was amazing in being creamy chocolate with caramel tones and very nutty - I can only put this down to the popcorn pieces as no nuts were present! A satisfying crackle came from the popping candy as expected and was as enjoyable as ever.. Even if it did get stuck in my teeth slightly! One thing to note is that as it was so creamy with lots of different flavours it was a smidgen sickly but such a thing rarely deters me! 

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed The Crazy One bar - Perhaps I need to stop buying baked goods from M&S and venture further down the chocolate route! Thanks NibsnScribs for opening my eyes! Its a fiendish, 4 out of 5 from me! 

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Review- Cauldron Lincolnshire Vegetarian Sausages

We like Veggie Sausages here on R4R but so far both previous reviews of such a thing, Tesco's Everyday Value  and the Glamorgan, have been verging towards Croquette territory rather than actual Sausie. Today, there is none of that with this offering from Cauldron, makers of the Lincolnshire Vegetarian Sausage! Tesco was my port of call when buying the pack of 6 for £2.50 which live next to the fresh Quorn products. 

Made from an authentic recipe of vegetable protein with sage and pepper seasoning 

Veggie Sausages are one thing that never looks attractive when photographed - I apologise. Luckily they taste a hell of a lot better than they look! As soon as I took a bite, I thought "Rooks!". Whats Rooks?, I hear you ask. Its only the best Butchers in Kent and providers of all the usual and expected raw meats as well as hot, cooked sweet and savoury goods - Their herby Sausage is out of this world! These Caldron Veggies were almost identical.. You wouldn't know they weren't real meat although they do have that slight "quorn" aftertaste which you'll know if you're a regular eater of such things. The flavour is spot on and full of herby taste with a good seasoning of salt and pepper - I did almost find the latter to be to much but I am a wimp when it comes to any sort of "heat". Texture wise, things were tip top as well - They had a very meaty feel minus the fat and grease of course, with a "skin" that was crisp and chewy. 

I think I might have just gone and found myself a new favourite Veggie Sausage - These Cauldron Lincolnshire jobbies are definitely on par with the Linda McCartney's Red Onion & Rosemary Sausies and we all know how amazing they are! I can't quite believe I've gone this long without them.. I can easily see them becoming a staple weeknight meal. Its a big old, 4.5 out of 5 from me! 

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Review- 9Bars Super Seeds Pumpkin

Since the end of October is almost upon us (How did that happen?!), I figured there was just enough time to squeeze in one last Pumpkin related review. I never was able to find the elusive Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream that was scrutinized by the terrible twosome that is Mrs 1T and NibsnScribs so today, we will have to make do with these Super Seeds Pumpkin 9Bars! 

I picked up the box of 5 in Tesco for £2.50 - The brand has recently had a makeover and is looking mighty swish with its new look! 

9Bar are a bit of a super company. Not only are they committed to making us naturally delicious, healthy snacks that are Veggie, Vegan and coeliac friendly, they intend on changing the world just that little bit whilst doing so. Please do go have a look see at their website for more information! 

All the goodness of super seeds with tasty pumpkin supported by sunflower, sesame and hemp in a delicious blend.

So when 9Bar said seeded, they really meant seeded -This 40g delight is comprised of 71% seeds and you could certainly tell.. It was absolutely packed! The bar itself was very, very sticky and smelt mildly nutty - I did double check the ingredients just to ensure that no nuts were present! Taking a bite was a softer experience than what I expected. It was very chewy with some parts being harder than others but overall, had a pleasant texture. The pumpkin seeds really were the star of the show here with the flavour shining through all the other elements. The bar tasted extremely nutty which caused me to scan the ingredients for a third time - It hadn't changed since I last looked.. Still no peanuts. As the bar was so densely packed, some of the seeds did get stuck in the teeth and I did momentarily consider its likeness to rabbit food but with the extra added sweetness, you can't complain to much! 

All I can do is sing 9Bars praises - These bars are literally perfect for everyone! They fill you up big time and I don't know about you but I found the subtle sweetness to be a nice change to all the sugar loaded snacks I consume! There are a whole host of different flavoured bars to try from 9Bar.. Some that actually do contain peanuts and some that do not. I am drawn towards the Almond & Raspberry myself.. Oh and the Coconut, of course! 

Who needs Ben & Jerry's when you've got 9Bars? Not me - Its a 4 out of 5! 

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Review- Mentas Boggle Mints ft Tesco Mint Imperials

At the beginning of the month, I was contacted by Mentas Boggle who asked me if I would like to try some of their Spanish Mints.. These aren't just any Spanish Mints though - These are 100% natural, heat resistant, Spanish Mints! Originally designed for a hotter climate where the humble British Mint Imperial just couldn't hold its own, the Boggle Mint is made here in the UK and then shipped to Europe. Unlike the aforementioned, these will not crumble from the inside out and won't lose their flavour in the sticky warmth of the sun. With claims like those, I couldn't pass up the opportunity of giving them a go myself to see if they really do reign superior! 

A few days after correspondence, 4 packets of Boggle Mints turned up at my door. I don't speak Spanish.. Or any other language for that matter, so haven't really got a clue what any of the writing says but I do like the blue design!

Imperial vs Boggle

I hadn't had Mint Imperials in years prior to picking up this bag from Tesco - I swear they never use to be that big in size! 

The Taste Test

L-R Mint Imperial, Boggle Mint 

I blind taste tested these with MSW to ensure we didn't have any predetermined thoughts on which was which. Both of us agreed that the Boggle Mint was a hell of a lot strong than the Imperial! The flavour was so potent and menthol-y it made my eyes water a bit at first. It was certainly a palate cleanser and made our tongues tingle as well as giving the "cool breath" sensation. Texture wise, it was smooth and solid. Rock solid. There was no chance of biting through the thing and in turn, it lasted for ages! In contrast, the much sweeter and milder Imperial lasted a matter of minutes as it disintegrated due to its chalky, crumbly texture. It was still refreshing though with a nice after taste even if it was more of a sweet than a Mint! 

Snack Warrior does Science 

As some of you may already know, Science is my thing. Any chance for me to experiment and really put things to the test, I will! I like this segment a lot. 

The Whack Test 

L-R Mint Imperial, Boggle Mint 

Since the above reasoning isn't analytical enough for me, I decided that the only way to test how hard the Mints were was to bash em' one! Ok, so if this was to be a really fair test then I would have to ensure that the same force was subjected to each Mint with all other variables, on par but thats far to much of a faff for a Food Blog so I adopted the "whack with a glass" technique and hoped it was at about an equal strength - I'm not that strong so lets just assume it was. Thankfully. the proof is in the pudding and as Mentas Boggle claimed and as I expected, their Mint didn't crumble anywhere near as much as the Mint Imperial. So far so good. 

The Heat Test

L-R Mint Imperial, Boggle Mint 

Now, this is a new one for me. Even I haven't ever put a Mint in the oven before.. And that's saying something! I preheated it to 80ºC fan which is the lowest mine can be at. I didn't want to blast them at 230ºC after all! I stopwatched 5 minutes exactly and pulled them out of the oven. Guess which one is the Boggle Mint? Yes, the one on the right of course! Wait, what? The thing blooming melted?! That's the one that isn't meant to melt! I redid it to just double check I hadn't mixed the two up but lo and behold, the one on the right melted again. So much for being heat resistant!

Boggle has boggled me. The flavour is as promised, the texture is as promised, the fact it's heat resistant.. Well that's a load of cock and bull. You actually have to laugh really since that was the whole point of the Mints! Don't get me wrong, they are pleasant enough but when they are marketed as being x, y and z, they have to live up to it! Perhaps they didn't expect me to get my Nerd on and put it to test.. More fool them! Nice try Boggle and I thank you but it's a 3 out of 5 from me! 

Friday, 23 October 2015

Review- Joe & Seph's Salty & Sweet Popcorn

I love popcorn but don't eat it anywhere near as often as I would like. I have a problem, ya see.. I will buy a big bag and eat the entire lot - They may say its a healthier option but with the quantity I can eat.. Not so much! I decided to treat myself to this "smaller" bag from Joe & Seph's, Gourmet Popcorn Chef & Connoisseur with the theory that the better the quality, the less I'd eat! 

I picked up the 80g packet at Snape Maltings in Suffolk for £3.50 - A price I don't mind paying for the promise of "gourmet". I struggled to decide which flavour to pick as they had every flavour under the sun including some very quirky offerings but did eventually make a decision and opted for the Salty & Sweet of air popped corn coated in caramel and generously infused with flakes of sea salt.. Because I am ridiculously boring. 

Look at those gleaming pieces of corn! They smelt as amazing as they looked - Full on buttery caramel that was quite similar to the original Butterkist. The nobbly puffs were pretty much perfect - All were evenly and generously coated with no unpopped kernels, lurking at the bottom of the bag. I got munching and a deep, rich taste of sweet caramel came when bitting through the satisfyingly crunchy yet light and airy pieces. A real saltiness came through at the end which surprised me as more often than not, these Salty & Sweet popcorns aren't all that salty! It went perfectly with the sweet and balanced the flavours out perfectly. Faultless and flawless!

So my theory has totally been blown out of the water - The higher quality of popcorn didn't prevent me from scoffing this bag in quick succession! There really is no comparison when it comes to a "gourmet" product and a cheaper equivalent.. It may smell like Butterkist but believe you, me - Its a million times better! I also picked up Joe & Seph's Strawberry Cheesecake Popcorn which will be up for review in the not so distant future. Its 2 thumbs up and almost full marks from me -  4.5 out of 5! 

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Review- Chupa Chups Candy Sushi Take Away

Who here likes Sushi? Raise your hands, please. I know a certain someone who will be jumping up and down just at the thought.. Mrs 1T! Now, the lovely lady that she is.. After mocking me greatly when I announced I had never really had Sushi before, took it upon herself to send me a parcel packed with goodies which just so happened to include this MAHOOSIVE Candy Sushi set from Chupa Chups - Apparently sending real Sushi would have been problematic. Who knew. 

The "Take Away" set really is huge - 300g of sweetie Sushi goodness to be exact! Where she gets these things from is beyond me.. I have never seen anything like it in my life! 

L-R Candy Nigiri, Candy Californian Rolls, Candy Kohaku Namasu, Candy Urimaki, Candy Maki, Candy Ikurba, Candy Wa-Sabi and Candy Koikuchi.

The sweets were presented in a black plastic tray just like how the Sushi from Supermarkets is - Totally adorable! I hope the L-R guide, helps any other amateurs who haven't the foggiest about what the sweets are meant to resemble when it comes to the real deal! 

Here is my little Candy Sushi meal - How fancy.

I started off with the Nigiri which in layman's terms is essentially a Fish on top of a Mallow. I separated the two elements to try individually. The mallow reminded me of one from a Haribo tub.. It was super soft and foamy with a sweet flavour. A strong, tangy Orangey flavour came from the fish which was soft enough to chew but obviously, a lot harder than the Mallow - I imagine a great contrast in texture if I had eaten it as a whole. 

Californian Rolls
Once again, these consisted of the same base as above, wrapped in either a Red or Green sweetie belt which I ate alone as at that given moment, I didn't fancy another Mallow.. Big mistake that was as it was so bloomin sour! I thought I liked fizzy sour sweets but this thing was way to much for me and I ended up spitting it out on the table - So lady like. I am scared to try another but I think my mistake was not eating it as a whole.. The sweetness of the Mallow probably would have cut the sharpness - Oops. 

Kohaku Namasu 
Is this meant to be a choptick? Theres 2 of them therefore I have decided its going to be a chopstick.. And the best chopstick, I've ever tasted as these were absolutely delicious! The outer Strawberry flavoured tube was super fruity, encasing a white almost "cream" like centre - It was quite similar to the Cables you find in Pick n Mix just a lot softer and didn't get stuck in my teeth! A sugar coating was the perfect finish adding just that little bit more sweetness - Yum!

I particularly liked how the Candy Urimaki looked - They reminded me of little space ships! The chewy outer circle was soft and squidgy with a sprinkle of sugar on top. Inside was a jelly-like domed ball covered in sprinkles. I am not entirely sure what flavour it was meant to be as I thought it tasted a little perfume-y but I loved the sprinkles which would melt in the mouth after the initial crunch. 

This was the one I was most looking forward to as it contained 4 mini, Pick n Mix Cables wrapped up in Black Liquorice! Contrasting to the Kohaku Namasu.. This time, they were like traditional Cables in being harder but instead of being Strawberry flavoured, they were full on Cherry! The white centre was soft, sweet and a great contrast in both texture and taste to the tart, hard yet chewy tube casing. The Liquorice belt was like any other - Its definitely something you either love or hate! 

These were the same size and shape as the centres of the Urimaki. The little domes were covered in orange sprinkles with the same, satisfying crunch before the melt. Thankfully, I enjoyed the flavour of gummy sweet a lot more than the aforementioned as these ones much were much more fruity and were Apple/Pear in flavour rather than perfume-y! 

Koikuchi and Wa-Sabi 
Last but by no means least, are the 2 little pots of Green and Brown Laces! Guess what flavour these were? You've got it - Apple and Cola! I am not a fan of the latter at the best of times but this was most definitely full of the flavour of the fizzy stuff - I am sure any fan would be thrilled with it. The Green Laces was more up my street and very apple-y with the usual chewy texture from a Lace. 

So I think I might like Sushi. Well, if its anything like this Chupa Chups Candy set.. I can see myself eating it regularly! I can't believe how much fruity flavour is packed into all the sweets and they are all so cute! This little lot would go down a treat with Kids (And big Kids) - Just think of how much fun they could have playing with everything! It's a 3.5 out of 5 from me. Scratch that - I'm bumping it up to a 4 purely because I've managed to get through a post not having a clue what any of the words mean. Thanks Mrs 1T

Monday, 19 October 2015

Review- Cadbury NEW Amaze Bites: Double Choc and Orange

I wasn't going to bother with these NEW, OMG! These are Amaze Bites from Cadburys - I couldn't help but feel it was just another one of their attempts to be "cool" with a silly name and mediocre product to match. Having said all that, I was easily swayed by a single picture on Instagram from the lovely, @thereviewaddict that came with a simple caption of "I agree!". Hannah is never wrong so I hot footed it down to The Co Op and bought myself each flavour for a £1 a pop. 

Each tub contains 14 double blended milk chocolate bites of brownie cake with the ones on the right being Orange flavoured whereas the left, being the "plain" option of Double Chocolate.. So really they are quadruple chocolate? What does that even mean? I am confused. Who else is confused?  

Double Chocolate 

As always, I started with the "plain" version in attempt to get a true feel for the bites as well as having a good base to judge the Orange off. They smelt super chocolatey in the tub and the promised 14 were present - Yes, I did count as you can never be to sure! Taking a bite into the brownie was very satisfying - A generous coating of chocolate encased a dense and squidgy brownie with "harder" chocolate chips running throughout to produce a fantastic vary in textures. The flavour was delicious and surprisingly cocoa rich considering it isn't Dairy Milk - Not that we shall go into that quality debacle as that would open up a whole other can of worms! Not to sweet and very moreish! Its a 3.5 out of 5 from me! 


Although they look identical to the previous, I have included a picture just to show the sneaky chocolate chip in the right half! The pieces were about 3.5 x 2.5cm in size which equates to a couple of bites really - Theres sense in the name after all! Once again the brownie itself was moist and chewy but with a overall good melt. The Orange flavour was spot on and went perfectly, as expected with the chocolate - I didn't feel it was artificial in the slightest or to much for such a little "cake" and found myself eating one after another, a little to easily! As I love chocolate orange, its a slighter higher, 4 out of 5 from me! 

Cadbury, I salute you - These Amaze Bites are pretty darn tasty! They may be a simple concept and not of all that high quality but for a quick treat when nothing but something sweet and cakey will do, they most definitely hit the spot. Both my tubs didn't stick around for long and I would buy them again in a heartbeat come the chance. OMG! These are Amaze Bites? In the words of Hannah.. I agree!

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Review- New Covent Garden Soup of the Month: Scream of Pumpkin

I am not sure I have ever spoken about my love of soup here on R4R.. I have it for dinner, several times a week and have done so for about the last 3 years - I am beyond addicted! As you can imagine, I've tried ever brand under the sun during this time but always come back to New Covent Garden who do an array of flavours as well as a Soup of the Month. 

As its October and Halloween is the most important thing in all our lives, this months soup is Scream of Pumpkin.. With Blood Orange for that spooky twist! I picked up the 700g carton in Tesco for £2.35 but they are often half price so do keep your eyes peeled. 

Here is my half eaten, microwave splattered, steaming bowl of soup - I forgot I was meant to be taking a picture.. Sorry about that! As you can see, it was fairly liquid-y but beautifully smooth. Taste wise, it was more of a tangy, citrus carrot soup than its pumpkin namesake - It was listed 3rd in the ingredients but is still odd considering it had much more of a pumpkin flavour prior to heating. The blood orange was very apparent, giving a nice citrus zing without being overpowering and was well balanced with spice seasoning and salt to match. My only complaint is that it needs some chunky chopped up pumpkin, carrot or other squash in there to bulk it out but that is probably more personal preference - I do like a chunky soup! 

Overall, this Months Soup from New Covent Garden gets comforting and warming, 2 thumbs up from me - Yes, it is more carrot than pumpkin but I can let the slide.. Because I really like the "spooky" packaging! I kid.. Sort of - It tastes marvellous but we're all shallow and appreciate aesthetics, right? Who ever says "not me" is a liar. I can't wait to see what Novembers offering will be but until then I will most definitely be picking up a few more of these PRETTY cartons and I suggest you do the same!* Its a 4 out of 5 from me. 

*All the New Covent Garden Soups freeze a treat so when they are on offer, feel free to buy in bulk, portion them up and whack in the freezer to enjoy at a later date. 

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Review- Thorntons NEW Fabulous Toffee Fudge Pots

First we had disastrous Biscuits and then the delicious Vote for me Chocolates.. Now Thorntons have ventured into Desserts with these NEW Fabulous Fudge Pots! 

I picked up the pack of 2, Toffee Fudge Pots in Tesco for £1.50. They are situated in the fresh section with the "dessert yogurts". 

Each 65g pot contains a mouth-watering dollop of creamy fudge mousse with a velvety toffee layer topping. Made delicious in Devon with real Devon clotted cream. 

Peeling off the lid revealed the delicious scent concealed within - It was a familiar smell that I couldn't quite put my finger on but it was somewhere between a vanilla-y fudge and toffee yogurt. I took a scoop and the 2 layers stayed pretty distinct both on my spoon as well as in the pot. The bottom of fudge mousse was light and fluffy as a good mousse should be with a lovely sweet and fudgy flavour. A silky smooth texture, quite similar to a yogurt came from the toffee layer above which was plenty thick and slightly colder to the mousse beneath. The flavour of the 2 elements combine was delicious and a bit like a Sticky Toffee Pudding - Never a bad thing! I did also feel there was a hint of coffee in there too but looking at the ingredients list, it appears not - Must have imagined that one! 

Overall, I am pleasantly surprised by these NEW Toffee Fudge Pots - I was half expecting them to be overly sickly but am pleasantly surprised. Having said that I don't expect you would want to eat more than 1 at a time which thinking about it, is probably the way you're "suppose" to eat things, sadly! The Fabulous Fudge Pots Range also includes Vanilla and Chocolate Fudge variants which I am keen to try after this delight from Thorntons! I am starting to think they read my scathing review of their Biscuits and have decided to try and win my affection back - I am that important, clearly! Its a 4 out of 5 from me!

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Review- Krispy Kreme NEW Halloween Pumpkin Doughnut

Its been ages since there have been NEW Krispy Kremes in our Tesco cabinets - The Reese's Peanut Butter Crunch was the last edition and in my opinion, has been around way to long! Thankfully, KK have pulled their fingers out and yesterday released their Halloween Range consisting of a Sprinkled Ring and this Kreme filled, Pumpkin.

The Limited Edition doughnuts are decorated with a thick orange icing and black and green fondants to produce their Jack O'Lantern faces. 

I felt a bit mean cutting my cute little Pumpkin in half - It may be only a doughnut but knifing his face didn't half seem brutal.. Even if that is what they're design for! Inside revealed loads and loads of Kreme with the dough itself being up to the usual deliciously soft, Krispy Kreme standard - I must have picked a good one! I took a squidgy bite and at first I thought the icing on top was orange flavoured but after another taste, it proved to just be sugary sweet and vanilla-y which was probably more likely to be coming from the smooth and thick "mallowy" filling. The fondant decorations on top of the slightly crunchy icing, were harder than I expected but most likely due to the fact it had just come out of the fridge. Very sweet and nothing special! 

Overall, this Halloween Pumpkin Krispy Kreme is hardly ingenious - Tasty and cute, yes but very lack lustre. I was a little disappointed that there wasn't something to accompany the Kreme because without, it is essentially just a plain doughnut, with the same vanilla filling you find in a Strawberries & Kreme (Minus the Jam of course) with a flavourless icing on top.. Its a good job there was a lot of the pure white, whipped stuff otherwise I would have felt even more put out! Krispy Kreme, you've missed an opportunity here - Why you didn't whack Lime or Blackcurrant inside.. Or heaven forbid, have orange flavoured icing on top, I will never know! Its a 3 out of 5 from me. 

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Review- Dominion Soda: Root Beer, Creamy Orange Soda and Black Cherry Soda

A few weeks ago I was approached by Heathwick Ltd, distributors of Dominion Soda, who asked me if I would be interested in trying some of their authentic American Import Beverages  - Although never having been one for fizzy drinks, I am ever eager to broaden my horizons and try different things so kindly accepted their generous offer. 

I wasn't sure when said Sodas's were going to turn up but lo and behold after only 2 days, mid baking session and covered in a whole host of sticky substances, a lovely Chap in some cool Shades turned up with a case of 6 glass bottles of Pop - 2 each of Root Beer, Creamy Orange Soda and Black Cherry Soda. 

The first thing to stand out to me was the logo.. ITS A STAG!! THATS MY ANIMAL!! You know how some people are crazy Cat Ladies or that one Kid at school who was obsessed with Horses.. I am the Deer equivalent. Like literally, I am obsessed - I have even kept the Stag printed bottle caps. Brownie points for Dominion Soda.. They must have seen me coming.

Root Beer

If like me you know nothing about Root Beer then you might be interested to know that it is made from the root/bark of the Sassafras Tree - Possibly the funnest word in the world to say yet lethal as only the extract is now available after finding that Sassafras itself is carcinogenic! Specifically Dominion Root Beer is made from natural ingredients (Pure Cane Sugar and Honey) and is free from caffeine and high fructose syrup as well as being non alcoholic, making it perfect for all ages. On to the tasting! I popped the topped and it fizzed up, a treat. I took a whiff and was immediately not looking forward to trying it - It smelt so sweet and artificial and not to dissimilar to floor cleaner! I built up the courage and took a sip.. It tasted exactly like old fashioned Bubblegum.. But not in a good way. It was sweeter and much more artificial - Similar in taste to the wheel/tapes that I think were produced by Hubba Bubba back in the day. I can't say I could distinguish any of the Honey listed in the ingredients and can only assume the Bubblegum sort of flavour must be that of Sassafras which I can safely say I don't like at all. It was foul. It must be an acquired taste as the only thing I can think its good for is striping wallpaper. Yuck. Its a 0 out of 5 from me! 

Creamy Orange Soda

Next up, was the bright Orange and potentially radioactive bottle of Pop. The acerbic citrus has been smoothed in this drink whilst provoking the flavour profile of carbonated cream.. Whatever that means. It smelt a lot like Fanta which was always my Fizzy Drink of choice when I was a Kiddo. Taste wise, it was full on Orange with a slightly medicinal taste and very, very sweet. A creamy vanilla tone came through subtly as a after taste too. It is suggested to serve with vanilla ice cream but that appeals to me even less than the drink by itself - Im clearly not Americanised in the slightest! Its a slightly more bearable, 1 out of 5. 

Black Cherry Soda

Lastly was the Black Cherry jobby which I have to admit was the one I was least looking forward to trying despite the 2 previous disastrous taste tests - I love cherry but it is very easy to get wrong, especially when put in a drink! I had a sniff and it didn't smell all that bad although it was very potent of Morello Cherry. Taking a swig, I wasn't completely repulsed - Its a miracle! The flavour was that of a strong Bakewell with the Cherry element being spot on. I imagine this would go down a treat with Cherry Coke fans - I would even go as far as to say it is nicer but that is coming from a Coke hater so perhaps I am bias! Its a 2.5 out of 5 from me. 

Overall, well.. These Dominion Soda's have been a bit of an experience! Surprisingly the carbonated element of the drinks didn't bother me in the slightest - I think my dislike of the flavours completely overpowered any hate I had for the fizzy stuff which is saying something! I wouldn't touch Root Beer again with a 10 foot bargepole but I am guessing a lot of people do like it since its popularity is increasing, here in the UK. I won't lie and say I finished any of the bottles but the Black Cherry Soda is for me, the best of a bad bunch and I could drink it, if I had to. By all means, if you are a fan of really sweet fizzy drinks and fancy something a bit different, they are worth giving a go. Check out Dominion Soda on Twitter as well as the website to get your hands on some. As for my hands.. I am just going to Jazz hand and sing "Sassafras!" until the novelty wears off. Thanks Dominion Soda! 

Friday, 9 October 2015

Review- Thomas J. Fudge's NEW Flaky Cheese Straws

I am yet to find the White Chocolate Florentines and the NEW Cranberry Flapjacks I have been lusting after so I have had to move onto the savoury offerings from Thomas J. Fudge's with these NEW Flaky Cheese Straws. Having only ever had the cheapy supermarket brand ones previously, I was curious to see if/how much better these would be! 

I picked up the 100g box in Waitrose where they cost me £2.25. Continuing in true Thomas J. Fudge's fashion, it was illustrated with a quirky Cheese hatted Chap with Butterflies chucked in for good measure. 

9 Cheese Straws were presented in a little cardboard holder - Why not 10, I am unsure. I like an even number, don't you? 

You can't quite tell from the picture but the layers of puff pastry in the straw were very apparent upon breaking one in half with airy pockets and all. Their cheesy and buttery scent was most definitely reflected in the taste.. Although the cheddar was mild at first, it would then would develop into something much stronger with a slightly salty kick. The straws themselves were fairly hard in texture but moreishly crunchy - It would be all to easy to eat one after another.. After another! 

Overall, I am going to be as bold as to say that the savoury options from Thomas J. Fudge's are as a good as the sweet.. And thats coming from a Sugar Princess as well as after only having tried 1 savoury product! Please, splash some cash and buy these NEW Flaky Cheese Straws - Yes, they are pricey but they are far superior to any cheaper Supermarket equivalent, I've ever had! Its a 4.5 out of 5 from me 

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Review- Ben & Jerry's NEW Cinnamon Buns Ice Cream

From a hot pud to a cold.. It doesn't matter what the weather, when the mood takes me, I will have Ice Cream - And we all know that apart from the God that is Joey D and his Gelato, its always going to be Ben & Jerry's. Luckily for us, they are releasing a few flavours this quarter including this NEW Cinnamon Buns.

I picked up the tub in Tesco where it was priced at £4.49 - Yes, that is blooming expensive but I couldn't not pop it in my basket.. Which I didn't proceed to steal, if any one is interested. Feel free to kick off about the UK 5p plastic bag charge in the comments if you feel the need - We are all friends, here!

I had to eat this fairly pronto after buying hence why it is a tad melted and looks like its been attacked - It sort of was to be fair. The Ice Cream itself was smooth and creamy with nothing in the way of the horrible ice crystals you can often find in a cheaper tub. It had quite a mild taste of Caramel and was pleasantly sweet. Big chunks of Cinnamon Cookie Dough were distributed throughout - They had a good crunch with a sugary grainy texture.. Just like "real" Cookie Dough! The flavour of Cinnamon was spot on in being not to strong or sweet and still wasn't overpowering even with the swirl which had a almost sauce feel to it. The combination of Cinnamon and Caramel went really well together although I am not sure what Caramel doesn't go with, if I am honest!

I am pleased I did fork out the £4.49 for this NEW Cinnamon Buns Ice Cream - I thoroughly enjoyed every mouthful and the spicey flavour got me excited for the up and coming christmas festivities! I wouldnt say it is exactly its Cinnamon Buns name but as a stand alone, it is pretty on point and definitely worth a try.

In other Ben & Jerry's news.. A "Save Our Swirled", Raspberry, Marshmallow & Chocolate flavour  has been released which Mrs 1T has reviewed so go check out her review and leave a nice comment! We are also both keen to see the Pumpkin Cheesecake Ice Cream which is meant to be gracing our shelves in the not to distant future - I am uncertain if the UK is completely ready to commit to the American sensation that is Pumpkin.. I guess only time will tell - Its such a love or hate thing!

Back to today and its a 4 out of 5 from me!

Monday, 5 October 2015

Review- Asda Extra Special NEW Brioche Bread and Butter Budding and Madagascan Vanilla Custard

Asda, the Champion of fresh puds, seem to have loads of NEW warm desserts out at the minute - Perfect since the weather is getting chillier. With much choice comes much dilemma and after some serious to-ing and fro-ing, I decided upon this Extra Special Brioche Bread and Butter Pudding. 

I couldn't quite remember the price but having looked at the other Extra Special desserts on the Asda website, I am going to assume this one is priced the same at £3.50. 

Vanilla custard encasing buttery brioche and juicy Chilean raisins, with apricot glaze

I cooked the pudding for the recommended 20 minutes in a preheated 170ºC fan oven - It was piping hot and looked a lovely golden brown. 

Since such things most definitely require extra custard.. I picked up the Madagascan Vanilla option from the same "premium" range for £1.80.

This time round, I broke the rules by not following the preparation instructions of heating on the hob for 7 minutes.. Who's got time for that? I poured mine into a glass jug and microwaved for a couple of minutes until scolding enough to burn your tongue. 

Please forgive how unattractive that looks - I didn't chuck it in the bowl yet it still looks sorry for itself under my bright kitchen lighting. Its a good job its all in the taste, right? The Brioche pudding was so soft and light with a foamy sort of feel - You don't have to chew this stuff whatsoever, it really is that melt in the mouth. It tasted buttery and sweet with the apricot adding a nice fruity tang. Huge plump and juicy raisins were in abundance throughout. I counted 9 in my quarter portion and that wasn't just me getting lucky - Everyone got a more than generous amount! The custard on top was very nice also and thickened up significantly when heated. The flavour was creamy and strong of vanilla and was a fab accompaniment to the pudding.. Even if it was already set in a custard! 

I think I made the right choice when it came to picking dessert last week - It went down a treat with MSW and BSW. You might question if it will feed the 4 it claims to when taking it out of the box but with a topping, be it custard, cream or ice cream.. It will do the job! I would buy both again but as always, am keen to try more of the NEW puds, Asda has to offer. Its a 4 out of 5 for each! 

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Review- Thomas J. Fudge's Stem Ginger Blisscuits Dipped in Dark Chocolate

Its a new month which means an obligatory Thomas J. Fudge's review is required - I have done so many now I think it will be easier to just link them at the bottom of the post rather than list them here! Today it is the turn of another Biscuit with these Stem Ginger Blisscuits Dipped in Dark Chocolate which I picked up in Tesco for £1.99. 

A orangey theme illustrated the white cardboard box - Quite fitting for October and the impending Halloween shenanigans. 

As always the 8 Blisscuits are presented in a plastic tray - I like how they are staggered so they can't get buffed around to much. 

You will have to excuse my finger print on the chocolate - If I have been seen sensible and thought about it, I would have grabbed it from the other side! The biscuits had a short texture that was buttery in flavour with the chewy ginger coming through nicely thanks to being evenly distributed throughout. It was quite mild in taste and no where near as strong as a Gingernut but was still pleasantly warming and made a great pairing to the deep rich chocolate which as always was generously coating one half of the Biscuit. A much stronger heat came from the Stem Ginger on top which I have to admit, wasn't my cup of Tea but that is just personal preference! 

Overall, these Stem Ginger Blisscuits are wonderful - And thats coming from someone who isn't a fan of the really potent stuff! They are everything a good Biscuit should be and I can imagine them going down a treat with the young and old. Word has it that Thomas J. Fudge's are releasing a new bakery treat next week so keep your eyes peeled - I am so excited to see what they have come up with! Today, its a 4.5 out of 5 from me! 

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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Review- Ardens Petites Macaroons with Smooth Strawberry

Happy October 1st, Snack Army! Today is officially the first day of Autumn for me. Its crazy to think the clocks will be going back in a few short weeks and I am still wearing "summery" clothes - The weather has been so nice minus last weeks torrential rain and I am hoping it stays that way just until I get back from my last minute getaway next week! Perhaps then will be the time to crack out the Autumnal reviews but for now.. We'll have to make do with Ardens Petites Macaroons with Smooth Strawberry. 

I picked up the box of 6 in Asda for £3 - Not the cheapest with no introductory offer.. A shame since they were branded as NEW. 

The Macaroons were presented in a handy little plastic tray or case, I should say, before I removed the top half which covered them. 

A very sweet and quite artificial strawberry scent came from the rosy pink treats.. Concerning but no one could argue how cute they looked! 

Cutting a Macaroon in half proved easier than I thought and although it was just for an interior shot, I do like the visible layers. I bit into one and was met with a very peculiar texture - It was crunchy and first whilst being crumbly and very dry. This in turn caused the lot to get stuck in my teeth which I can only liken to when having a Gaviscon.. We all know the chalkiness after one of those that doesn't come out for about 3 days afterwards, despite your best efforts! Taste wise, it was as artificial as it smelt with the Strawberry centre being similar to a super sweet Milkshake - Baring in mind that I had to taste it separately as the shell completely overpowered the thin layer. Not great unfortunately!

Overall, these Ardens Petites Macaroons with Smooth Strawberry are a bit naff.. The texture is all wrong with a flavour to match. They aren't for me sadly or the wonderful, NibsnScribs who has also reviewed them and beat me in doing so, I might add! A Creamy Chocolate version is also available as well as what I can only presume is Pistachio as I saw a green box next to them on the shelf - Don't hold me to that though! Personally, I think I will be giving both a miss. Save your money and make your own - Its a 1 out of 5 from me.