Friday, 29 April 2016

Review- Asda NEW Lemon Meringue Cupcakes

Following on from their Dessert take over, an influx of NEW bakery items are now rocking Asda's shelves with the Cupcakes particularly catching my eye.. Naturally - They don't call me Cupcake for nothing!

After conferring with MSW, we came to the conclusion that the Lemon Meringue flavour was the only feasible option and purchased the pack of 2 for £1.50 - Kudos to Asda for the cute cardboard carrier and illustrated packaging! 

The yellow cased and buttercream topped, cakes were easy to remove with nothing in terms of squashing, meringue tumbling or frosting lost a long the way. 

Generously filled & Hand Decorated with a sprinkling of love and care. 

One very spring like, sunny Cupcake which I can't dispute was made with love and care - It's flawless!

Generously filled however? I think not! In fact, it was the exact opposite when cut in half, being pretty much empty and totally lack lustre! Taking a bite, the sponge was also disappointingly dry but with not to bad of a flavour and bearable thanks to the pilled high frosting. Super thick and smooth in texture, the topping was deliciously sweet and buttery combined with a zesty kick of lemon from the curd - I have to say it went a long way in saving the sponge! The crumbly, melt in the mouth meringue was a lovely finishing touch and far more substantial in both texture and taste than a measly sprinkling. An interesting one!

Overall, these NEW Lemon Meringue Cupcakes are really only good for the topping.. And the topping alone - Sadly, the sponge is just plain poor with a pathetic filling of a centre to match so one could argue, are redundant as a whole! Sorry Asda - It's a 2 out of 5 from me. 

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Review- McDonald's UK NEW Great Tastes of America: The Tennessee Stack

Bye bye, never ending McDonald's Monopoly - Great Tastes of America is back in the UK and boy, have things been stepped up a gear! Gone are the days of 5 different Burgers over 5 weeks.. This year we've got 3 Stacks, each available for 2 weeks with the Tennessee number up first and kicking things off today!

Of course, it was Burger Lad who was the first to bring this exciting Fast Food news to the forefront.. Although he did cut things slightly fine on this occasion and I took great pleasure in pestering him, there is nothing about Burgers the man doesn't know (He's even been to McDonald's HQ! 4 times!) so go say "Howdy do" and give him a follow - He's a good egg. 

Two 100% British and Irish beef burgers with bacon, smokey cheese, a Tennessee style BBQ sauce, grilled onions and lettuce in a flour topped bun. 

So what is The Tennessee Snack, I hear you ask. Well, it is just that of its description and potentially full of greatness - A double patty, double cheese, double smokey, BBQ, bacon, grilled onion, Burger.. With some lettuce thrown in for good measure. Mine certainly looked the part even if a little wonky and slightly smaller in size than I envisaged.

Obtaining a decent picture of the very slippy, slidey Burger was almost impossible to achieve so please excuse the above shot.. At least there are some sneaky onion showing, right? Starting with the bun itself, there was no question about its freshness - The inside was soft and fluffy yet robust enough to withstand the weight of the beef patty duo which also delivered in terms of meaty flavour as well as being perfectly cooked without a hint of grease or being overly dry. As expected, this went well with the melted cheese which I suspect was just the American variety as I couldn't identify any smoke even when tasted alone! Thankfully, the BBQ sauce pepped things up although once again, wasn't as potent as I expected nor in abundance.. The bacon however were in large rashers and very pleasant! Sweet, mellow tones came from the soft cooked onion rounding things off nicely, with a hint of crunch from the lettuce - I do like it when both feature in a Burger! Yum!

What a way to start Great Tastes of American 2016! - The Tennessee Stack is delicious and certainly far more gourmet than any McDonald's Burger (Minus the Bacon Clubhouse), I've ever had.. It's all in the double patty and grilled onions! Yes, I am a little disappointed at the lack of smokiness but I expect on any other day, the blob of BBQ sauce would be more significant.. Hopefully at least! I will definitely be getting another either way before the Stack switch over to the New York number which just so happens to come on a Bagel! Exciting times are ahead but for now, it's a 4 out of 5 from me. 

Friday, 22 April 2016

Review- Ritter Sport Coconut

Good chocolate doesn't seem to be easy to come by nowadays.. Some may argue that this is due to us becoming fussier but we all know quality has slipped across the board - Long gone are the days where you could pop into Woolworths and come out with a cheap, decent tasting bar! Ritter Sport however are one brand I have heard nothing but praise about.. And yet it's one I have not tried!

Alpine milk chocolate with a coconut and milk creme filling (45%). 

Well, that was until my First Mate, Mrs 1T sent me a 100g bar of the German Chocolate.. Only in the best possible flavour too - Coconut! It was safe to say, I was giddy with excitement at the prospect of a luxurious Bounty-esque treat.

Given that the filling was so thick, the cubed chunks didn't break exactly evenly but no matter.. It smelt irresistibly delicious! Popping a piece in the mouth, the smooth chocolate was the first thing to hit me - Rich but milky in flavour with a fantastic melt. Next came the pure hit of coconut from the dense filling which contained crunchy/chewy nibs of the shredded stuff set within a soft, creamy milk, tropical creme. This provided a light contrast in texture and made for a decent pairing thanks to the ratio of coconut to chocolate being just right and ideally sweet. Very creamy, very indulgent and very yummy! 

Overall, this Ritter Sport Coconut is a cracker - I can't believe I've managed this long without it! It is far superior to the UK chocolate bar market and quite frankly, my much beloved Bounty now seems pathetic in comparison. I will definitely be getting another and trying some of the other varieties the company has to offer.. I suggest you do too! Thanks Kirks! It's a 4.5 out of 5 from me. 

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Review- Krispy Kreme NEW Lotus Billionaire and Lotus White Choc & Raspberry

Monday was what I like to call, KK Day - That special start to the week, only occurring once in a while* where the almighty Krispy Kreme release their NEW Doughnuts. This time the offerings weren't so "ingenious" but an extension to the already existing and bloomin' marvellous Lotus Caramelised Biscoff.. We've got Lotus Billionaire and Lotus White Choc & Raspberry! 

I didn't actually have any intention to buy into this duo given that the Original Biscoff should never, ever be messed with.. But MSW came home with them and I wasn't about to say no. Priced at the usual £1.90 a pop, the Doughnuts were noticeable smaller than other KK which seems a bit cheeky to me! - I'll definitely be keeping my eye on the Tesco Cabinets to see if this shrinkage discrepancy can be seen throughout the range or whether ours were just duffs. 

Lotus Billionaire

Filled with rich salted caramel, hand dipped in Lotus Biscoff spread & topped with dark chocolate shavings, Lotus Biscoff crumb and a sprinkle of gold dust. 

I appeared to have all shavings and very little dust on my Billionaire - It practically took over the dinky Doughnut.. Never mind that though, look at the golden puddle of a filling! Starting with the dough itself.. I can't fault it - Soft and supple with the signature flavour, there was nothing not to love. The oozing, runny, sticky caramel was also sheer perfection in being buttery, toffee like and the all important SALTED! I expected nothing but the usual, mediocre stuff but I was point blank wrong! - It was just the right amount of saline to compliment the sweet and went superbly with the spread topping along with crumb which naturally, tasted identical to the Original Lotus Doughnut. As for the dark chocolate shavings, they too delivered in terms of rich cocoa tones and were by far the best I've experienced from KK who's chocolate more often than not, leaves quite a bit to be desired. It's a 4.5 out of 5 from me! 

Lotus White Choc & Raspberry

A raspberry jam & kreme filling infused with Lotus Biscoff, dipped in white chocolate and topped with Biscoff crumb, white chocolate and raspberry pieces. 

Onto the fruity option which naturally, I had extremely high hopes for after the shocker of a brilliant, Billionaire. Similarly to above, both the texture was spot on along with the flavour as well as a packed filling. Biting through the fluffy dough, the white chocolate topping cracked and ended up everywhere but tasted lovely and sweet and creamy - Not many raspberry pieces though which was a a shame! The whipped Kreme centre which was combined with a well proportioned blob of thick jam was super creamy, fruity and together, uncanny in taste to Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream! The Biscoff crumbs on top were just enough to give a whiff of Lotus without ruining what was essentially already exemplary. Another 4.5 out of 5 from me! 

Wow. Some serious game uppage from Krispy Kreme has just occured here.. These NEW Lotus Billionaire and Lotus White Choc & Raspberry have to be the best release since the Original Lotus Caramelised Biscoff! - I don't know why I ever doubted them and more importantly, why they weren't the Christmas Doughnuts.. They would have been ideal! My only qualm is the questionable size but other than that, I can find very little fault and can see myself easily consuming dozens before they disappear.. They just need to be part of the permanent range really! Don't you dare let down the team and fall from grace, KK.. We're** watching you. 

*Sometimes weeks, sometimes months, sometimes forever and a day. 
**"We're" being myself and the NibsnScribs - Go read her review! She's snazzy!

Monday, 18 April 2016

Review- Chiostro Di Saronno Panettone Al Limoncello

So it turns out that Panettone isn't just for Christmas or Easter.. It's an all year round delight! Well, it is at least in the Land of John Lewis who have beautifully wrapped and bow tied, Italian cakes on their shelves. Of course, I couldn't refuse - There was me thinking I would have to wait until the Autumn to be munching on a Chiostro Di Saronno treat again! 

Behold! Panettone Al Limoncello! - Yes, I did squeal when I saw that 2 of my favourite things had come together and grabbed it quicker than I could even note the price (£15, just FYI) . A whole Stand dedicated to this beautiful purple flower paper along with yellow bow is currently gracing the shop floor.. There are further items from Chiostro Di Saronno, Butlers Chocolates as well as unbranded Prosecco and Truffles - I implore you to go have a looksee if you're in need of a present for some one! 

A delicious twist on the classic panettone, this version has zingy limoncello cream running through it and candied lemon peals instead of sultanas for an extra hit of lemon flavour. 

Unwrapping the delight who's paper I have kept to use at a later date, lead me to the 750g, perfectly golden brown monstrosity. With the studded lemon peel pieces already clear to see, I had a feeling good things were about to come.. And perhaps a blue picture.. 

Both delivered! The sweet smelling cake cut perfectly into wedges to reveal oozing pockets of sticky jellied like curd blobs running throughout the fluffy, aerated dough - This was up to the usual standard in being rich, buttery and generally tasting of the highest quality, sweet Panettone. The candied peel was plentiful and not hard in the slightest, bringing a muted lemon tone before even hitting the main star of the show.. The Limoncello Cream! - Quite thick in texture yet super smooth, it certainly brought further citrus tones but once again, was pleasantly subtle rather than a full on tart Lemon flavour. A ever so slight, boozy tone did linger in parts but I do think that was only due to the fact I knew it was there! All the flavours married beautifully to produce something essentially.. Perfect! 

Oh Italy. You are the most glorious country.. I may never have been to you but your produce is what keeps me going in life! This Chiostro Di Saronno Panettone Al Limoncello is just the bees knees - It's buttery, lemon-y, gooey and really, just makes everything right in the world when you eat it! Please everyone, go get one.. You won't be disappointed. It's a 6 out of 5 from me - We've gone off the scale!

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Review- M&S NEW Activehealth Slow Cooked Lamb & Crushed Potato Pie

I may spend the majority of the time moaning about M&S but in my experience, their actual food isn't to shabby at all - Especially the Ready Meals when you need something quick and easy! It was when I was on the hunt for such a thing that I stumbled upon this NEW activehealth Slow Cooked Lamb & Crushed Potato Pie. 

Pulled lamb with a tomato sauce topped with crushed potatoes, leeks and cheddar cheese. 

This is not just any Ready Meal.. It's a M&S added benefits, cholesterol lowing, Heart UK Approved Ready Meal. With such a "premium" product comes a hefty price tag, sadly one I didn't notice until going to pay - The 360g meal cost £4.25! I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.. So bought it anyway.

Now, I don't know if I actually need my cholesterol lowered by beta glucans but I do try and go for healthier meals rather than the likes of delicious Macaroni Cheese which I have no doubt is slowly killing me.. Luckily this bad boy has a tiny sprinkling of the cheesy stuff to keep me happy!  

I popped the meal on a baking tray and cooked as instructed for about 30 minutes in a 180ºC oven (Microwave go-ers can nuke for 4 minutes) and it came out beautifully - Bubbling away and gloriously golden brown on the top. 

As expected, the meal was scolding hot when I dug my fork in.. After some ferocious wafting of steam, I was finally able to get a picture of the meaty, tomatoey, potato goodness. All 3 of these elements were in abundance with particularly the amount of lamb coming as a surprise. The chunks were sizeable with a lovely flavour as well as being super soft and tender - There is no two ways about it being a slow cooked meat.. It was melt in the mouth! The tomato was also very potent with a fresh taste along with herbs and what I originally thought was some sort of spice.. Cinnamon perhaps, but nothing was listed in the ingredients. A load of leek was scattered throughout which still had some bite rather than being floppy and nondescript with good onion-y tones. Topping the lot was of course the potato - A mixture of both smashed and hole chunks of the soft stuff. I can't say the cheese was all that noticeable apart from in one mouthful but I didn't feel as though anything was missing as was. Warm, filling and delicious! 

Overall.. This Slow Cooked Lamb & Crushed Potato Pie is a complete winner! I am not sure how M&S have managed to concoct something low calorie with a whole host of health benefits and yet it still taste amazing - I really can find little fault in it. Yes, the price tag is a bit of a joke but I wouldn't hesitate in buying another. A lot of their meals tend to be reduced so hopefully I'll catch this one on a yellow sticker day.. And you do too! - It's a 4.5 out of 5 from me! 

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Review- Shaken Udder Milkshakes: Chocolush! and Vanillalicious!

Last summer I discovered Shaken Udder, the company behind the then NEW, Salted Caramel Milkshake which I immediately fell in love with. Having not delved further into their products since, I felt the time was now and purchased not 1 but 2 other flavours from Tesco - Chocolush! and Vanillalicious! 

The 330ml bottles of Milkshake which are made from fresh British milk along with other real ingredients, cost £1.30 a pop which I didn't think was to unreasonable given that they are free from gluten, artificial colours, flavours and preservatives as well as being the all important, Veggie friendly. 


Chocoholics rejoice! Finally there's a rich and creamy shake made with lashings of real chocolate to satisfy those cravings at any time of the day!

I couldn't not crack into the chocolate option first.. Chocolate milk was my life when I was a kid, after all! The Shake smelt most inviting and I got glugging pronto. Smooth and silky is the only way to describe the texture with just the right thickness - Not to watery thin and certainly not claggy. Taste wise, it was remarkably and slightly bizarrely uncanny to a Choc Ben & Jerry's! The signature flavour that we all know and love from the Ice Cream was most apparent with sweet, almost caramel tones along with a pure rich chocolate hit. A lovely aftertaste lingered and thankfully, there was zero in terms of sicklyness either - A 4.5 out of 5 from me. 


Get your vanilla fix in a flash! This divinely smooth and creamy shake is udderly delicious in every way! 

Vanilla time! - Although slightly blue looking thanks to the dodgy kitchen lighting, I do like how you can see the actual seeds! Once again, the Milkshake went down a treat with its perfect, luxurious consistency which made it only to easy to drink. "White Magnum?!" I thought when sipping away as similarly to above, it tasted almost identical to a frozen treat - Nothing but full on creamy, milky, sweet, vanilla-y melted Ice Cream! Absolutely divine - Another 4.5 out of 5 from me. 

Well, I have officially fallen deeper in love with Shaken Udder.. And I didn't think that was possible! Both the Choculush! and Vanillalicious! are superb and really quite refreshing despite being beautifully creamy - They deliver on flavour, are most certainly of a high quality and well, anything that tastes like Ice Cream is a winner in my book. Now, if only I could find the Top Banana Milkshake.. I wouldn't hesitate risking the old on-off allergy for that!  

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Review- M&S Apricot Marzipan Bar

"Guilt free snacking"? I don't think I have ever felt guilty about snacking. I like snacks.. Although I guess it can't be wrong to pick a "healthier" option such as this NEW but not really, Apricot Marzipan Bar from M&S which is aimed at those who are a little more calorie conscious. 

Milk chocolate bar with a marzipan and chopped dried apricot centre (63%), decorated with milk chocolate. 

The all round delight that is The Review Addict sent me the 118kcal, 25g bar as part of my Birthday present a long with a plethora of other treats. I am unsure if they come in multipacks or if they are sold separately as I haven't seen them in store personally but perhaps both! 

I thought the dinky bar had melted when cutting it in half as it was so soft, squidgy and a bit like a fondant.. But given that it was kept well away from sunlight and the radiator, I can only assume this was how it was meant to me! Taste wise, although pleasant enough, it was a bit of a weird one and almost like the apricot and marzipan were fighting one another. Both elements were really strong with the chunky apricot being particularly fruity but borderline artificial with a hell of a lot of sweetness. Then there was the marzipan which oozed lovely almondy, Bakewell tones but once again, was extremely potent which I found to clash with the apricot. As for the chocolate, coating the lot.. It was barely noticeable due to all the sweet - Such a shame! 

Overall, I can't say this M&S Apricot Marzipan Bar is for me which is a shame as I have been enjoying the companies confectionary range lately. It is a little too sugary and I know that there are nicer "healthy" snacks out there which don't leave you bouncing off the walls! Thanks Bananah! Sorry Bananah! - It's a 2.5 out of 5 from me. 

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Review- Tesco Finest Sicilian Lemon Curd Ice Cream

The sun is shining, the trees are in bloom, Spring is officially in the air.. And this can only mean one thing - Ice Cream! I realise most people eat tubs of the stuff throughout the year but nothing beats a 99 straight off the Van which melts all down the cone and your hand in unison. I'll be dreaming of this until I hear those classic chimes come the hot Summer sun but in the mean time, scoffing this Tesco Finest tub may be the way forward.. 

Sicilian Lemon Curd Ice Cream! Could there be any better flavour? I don't think so! The 500ml tub which is made in Devon with local double cream, cost £3 - There was no hesitation when chucking it straight in my trolley! 

Full cream milk and double cream from Devon cows makes our real dairy ice cream wonderfully indulgent. It's lovingly made in small batches in south Devon, using British free range eggs, then rippled throughout with beautifully smooth Sicilian lemon curd for a refreshing zesty flavour. 

We've ventured into the actual tub for todays action packed, lemon puddle shot. As you can see, there wasn't really a ripple but more, sporadically placed oozing blobs of curd. Taste wise, it was all you could want in a lemon dessert with the aforementioned having a lovely citrus-y tang whilst being on the right side of sharp. The thick yet smooth, crystal free ice cream itself was equally as delightful thanks to the super creamy and indulgent use of double cream which certainly reflected in the overall quality. Once again, the lemon flavour was very much apparent but obviously, more subtle than the curd although the 2 complimented one another perfectly - There's nothing not to love about double lemon! 

Overall and without a shadow of a doubt, this Sicilian Lemon Curd Ice Cream is up there with one of the best I have ever had.. And not just because I am a Lemon fiend! The quality is second to none and there is no question that it is a Finest product. If zesty things float your boat, you need this in your life! Top marks from me - A 5 out of 5. 

Friday, 8 April 2016

Review- Asda NEW Custard Cream Cake

Since Asdas' Birthday Cake selection isn't already extensive enough with every flavour, every character and every size available, the Store have released quite a few NEW additions these past few weeks. Ones to particularly catch my eye were the domed Smash Cakes in Chocolate and Vanilla which both have a secret stash of goodies ready to bash into - What Kid, big or small doesn't want that on their Birthday?! Speaking of Birthdays and although it isn't officially hers until the 24th, I'm completely using MSW as an excuse for this purchase.. 

Of course, it's the NEW Custard Cream Cake! There was no chance of me picking any other! This bad boy of unknown weight, cost £7 which surprised me as I was under the impression that it would be £8 - Always happy to save a quid!

What a whopper! This cake takes the biscuit.. our spectacular sweet sponge, sandwiched with vanilla flavour buttercream and topped with soft icing - perfect with a cuppa!

WHAT A WHOPPER!, indeed. The cake certainly delivered aesthetically in looking exactly like it's mini, biscuit buddy with embellished writing and all. One thing I am not sure of though is how one would get 16 portions out of it. They really would be no bigger in size than the original biscuit!

Golly gosh, it cut beautifully - The knife slide through like butter with no need for the sawing motion, suggested on the box. As for the scent, it was nothing but heavenly with an uncanny similarity to Angel Cake combined with oodles of vanilla and a biscuity edge! 

Imagine the above slice cut into 4.. Because that is exactly what you would get if you were to oblige to the recommended serving - The picture shows 1/4 of the cake! By all means, don't go all out, halve it if necessary but surely anything less or heaven forbid 1/16th (In its entirety) wouldn't even be worth having!? It's absurd! Anyways, on to the eating and what everyone wants to know.. Does it actually taste of a Custard Cream? Well, I am happy to report that yes, it does and I am shell shocked after having expected just a plain vanilla cake! Unbeknownst to me how the flavour of said biscuit was actually achieved, I do know that the golden sponge itself was soft, light, moist and miles apart from some of the dense Madeira, you find in Supermarket bought, Birthday Cakes. Sandwiched between was a well proportioned layer of whipped buttercream to both compliment and heighten the vanilla tones superbly. Lastly was the layer of fondant covering the lot which was malleable yet still with bite.. Once again, it was more the generous in thickness as well as super sweet and delicious! The 3 simple elements went perfectly together as well as breaking up the texture to produce one yummy, biscuity, cake!

Blimey. I'm flabbergasted. Who would have thought that this Custard Cream Cake wouldn't just be a silly marketing ploy but actually taste of a Custard Cream? Not me that's for sure and I suspect I am not the only sceptic! I can barely fault this delight from Asda but will say, it is very sweet and a throat burn may occur if you have one to many mouthfuls.. But it still would only feed about 10 at a push! There is also a Bourbon version which I am now obviously extremely eager to try - If that too tastes of its biscuit namesake, I won't know what to do with myself! It's a cracking 4.5 out of 5 from me!

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Review- Barú Dreamy Chocolate Hippos: Almond & Pecan Praline

Brace yourselves, I am about to person plug - Those at the back, groaning, get out as Little Miss Peanut AKA NibsnScribs was another of my blogging buddies to spoil me rotten on my Birthday. Among an array of goodies she sent me, including a Personalised Wooden Spoon and Superman Socks, were these Barú Dreamy Chocolate Hippos.. We both love Hippos, we both love Chocolate - They are essentially a winner before even opening the box! 

Milk chocolate with almond & pecan pralinè filling. 

I was quite intrigued by the 45g total, 3 Piece box of Almond & Pecan Praline Milk Chocolates - After having had the very disappointing, Barú Mallows last summer which were about as soft as concrete despite their selling point being "Most fluffy marshmallows ever!", I was championing that they and the Hippos would be worlds apart! 

As seen throughout the Barú range, the Hippos were individually wrapped making them perfect for taking with on fun filled adventures or sharing.. If you're feeling particularly generous. 

Well ain't that the cutest chocolate, you ever did see!? Look at his little plump body.. Look at it! 

I proceeded to knife that little plump body to reveal the praline within.. But even prior to doing so, it smelt nice and chocolatey with a good nutty edge. I gave the Butt end to MSW, naturally, whilst I ate the head - We were both instantly impressed at how smooth and silky the chocolate was with a fabulous melt and rich cocoa tones. A nuttiness was apparent, although neither the almond or pecan were distinguishable alone, there was enough of a flavour without overpowering the lot. Neither of us found to have a sore tongue afterwards either which we can both often find to be the case when having eaten Praline - Always a bonus! 

Overall, these Barú Almond & Pecan Praline Hippos aren't to shabby at all in being just as good as they look! There really is no comparison when it comes to these and the atrocious Mallows.. Barú need to stick to what they are good at.. Even though everyone but me seems to adore the Mallows.. They are wrong. Thanks Nibs - It's a 4 out of 5 from me! 

Monday, 4 April 2016

Review- Tesco Finest Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice Drink

Am I the only person that isn't mad for Juice? Don't get me wrong, I'll drink the fruity stuff once in a while but am miles away from the individuals who appear to chug it, willy nilly! BSW, the Tropicana King is a fine example of this which is why todays bright orange bottle of goodness is being kept well out of his sight! 

Freshly squeezed, unpasteurised smooth orange juice blended with water and sweetener. 

I picked up this 750ml bottle of Tesco Finest Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice Drink for £2.49 where it was marked as NEW, next to the other Finest options - Whether it is actually NEW or not though is unknown as the label has now be removed off the shelf! From the description, it was clear to see that this wasn't going to be a thick "traditional" Juice (And more to my liking!) but instead a watered down number with the addition of Steviol Glycosides.. Oo chemicals. 

I poured myself a little tumbler, ice cold from the fridge and began to wonder if it did actually contain bits as floaty things were plain to see! It turned out not to be the case thankfully, with the Juice being beautifully smooth and as expected, not the thick, throat coating "traditional" kind. Flavour wise, it was very much fresh orange with a decent tang and not particularly sweet or tasting much of its Stevia derivative - Something I am happy about as I'm not a fan! Fruity and refreshing! 

Overall, I really liked this Tesco Finest Orange Juice Drink and the bottle didn't last long at all! It is the perfect option for anyone who, like me, enjoys fruity drinks but not so much the likes of Tropicana.. And there is only 49kcal per 150ml for those who are calorie conscious! It's a 4 out of 5 from me. 

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Review- Harvester NEW: Mac & Cheddar Bites and Red Velvet Cake

A few weeks ago, myself and the Snack Warrior family went to Harvester for lunch having not been for quite some time. As with every visit, there appeared to be a NEW menu for us to give a whirl - Pork Belly and Pasta were listed, to name a few. As I am boring, I stuck with my usual of a Burger but wasn't going to pass up a NEW Starter and a NEW Dessert! 

Mac & Cheddar Cheese Bites

"Cheese please!" I exclaimed when my £4.50 Starter arrived, still toasty warm from the fryers. The 5 Bites, that were marginally smaller than Golf Balls in size were piled up in a little bowl and topped with a tomato salsa which smelled suspiciously spicy!

Scared to go anywhere near the Salsa, I opted for the plain lil fella first, who was beautifully golden brown and crisp. The interior of soft pasta and super duper stringy cheese was delightful in both taste and texture with a contrast to the crunchy exterior. A hint of what I assume were chives paired up with the fairly strong chedder, a treat and gave another flavour dimension. Going back to the scary Salsa which I eventually built up the courage to try.. Fresh Tomato was certainly apparent but then the spice kicked in, I got upset, salvaged the Bites I could and chucked the rest at BSW - Next time I'm ordering without! A solid starter and a solid 4 out of 5 from me. 

Red Velvet Cake

Yes, you have read that correctly.. RED VELVET CAKE! This wodge, served with whipped cream and strawberries cost £4.99 (Ish?) but I essentially had it for free thanks to a £5 off voucher - Winner!

Delightful shot in it's half eaten state! The texture of this cake was a weird one.. And not actually cake at all but more of a dense brownie! I am not sure if this was due to the fact it had only just been removed from the fridge but it didn't appear to soften up even towards the end. Taste wise, all I can say is SWEET - Very very very sweet. The more than generous cream cheese frosting did have the signature taste but the sponge itself didn't reflect Red Velvet at all.. The only way to describe the flavour in its entirety was pink! - If one could taste such a colour that is! The shards of chocolate topping and coating the side, did go someway to cut a bit of sweetness but at the same time.. Not really. As for the fluffy cream and strawberries with sauce, I have no idea of its purpose as although nice enough, it didn't go with the cake whatsoever. Cloying to say the least - It's a 2.5 out of 5 from me. 

Well, it's a mixed bag of NEW here from Harvester - The Mac & Cheese Bites are delicious and I would most definitely order them again (Minus the Salsa of course) whereas the Red Velvet Cake is just Diabetes central! I can't see the latter going down well with anyone who isn't under the age of 12 which I guess works out pretty well as the Chain now allows you to order an entire Birthday sized Cake of the stuff - On your own head be it when you've got 20 hyperactive kids to wrangle for the afternoon! 

If anyone has tried any other of the NEW offerings from the Restaurant, I would love to know your thoughts and feelings.. If there are some hidden gems, I may even take another trip myself!