Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Review- Barú Dreamy Chocolate Hippos: Almond & Pecan Praline

Brace yourselves, I am about to person plug - Those at the back, groaning, get out as Little Miss Peanut AKA NibsnScribs was another of my blogging buddies to spoil me rotten on my Birthday. Among an array of goodies she sent me, including a Personalised Wooden Spoon and Superman Socks, were these Barú Dreamy Chocolate Hippos.. We both love Hippos, we both love Chocolate - They are essentially a winner before even opening the box! 

Milk chocolate with almond & pecan pralinè filling. 

I was quite intrigued by the 45g total, 3 Piece box of Almond & Pecan Praline Milk Chocolates - After having had the very disappointing, Barú Mallows last summer which were about as soft as concrete despite their selling point being "Most fluffy marshmallows ever!", I was championing that they and the Hippos would be worlds apart! 

As seen throughout the Barú range, the Hippos were individually wrapped making them perfect for taking with on fun filled adventures or sharing.. If you're feeling particularly generous. 

Well ain't that the cutest chocolate, you ever did see!? Look at his little plump body.. Look at it! 

I proceeded to knife that little plump body to reveal the praline within.. But even prior to doing so, it smelt nice and chocolatey with a good nutty edge. I gave the Butt end to MSW, naturally, whilst I ate the head - We were both instantly impressed at how smooth and silky the chocolate was with a fabulous melt and rich cocoa tones. A nuttiness was apparent, although neither the almond or pecan were distinguishable alone, there was enough of a flavour without overpowering the lot. Neither of us found to have a sore tongue afterwards either which we can both often find to be the case when having eaten Praline - Always a bonus! 

Overall, these Barú Almond & Pecan Praline Hippos aren't to shabby at all in being just as good as they look! There really is no comparison when it comes to these and the atrocious Mallows.. Barú need to stick to what they are good at.. Even though everyone but me seems to adore the Mallows.. They are wrong. Thanks Nibs - It's a 4 out of 5 from me! 


  1. Those are adorable!

    1. I kind of wish all chocolate came in Hippo shape now :D xx