Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Review- 9Bars Super Seeds Pumpkin

Since the end of October is almost upon us (How did that happen?!), I figured there was just enough time to squeeze in one last Pumpkin related review. I never was able to find the elusive Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream that was scrutinized by the terrible twosome that is Mrs 1T and NibsnScribs so today, we will have to make do with these Super Seeds Pumpkin 9Bars! 

I picked up the box of 5 in Tesco for £2.50 - The brand has recently had a makeover and is looking mighty swish with its new look! 

9Bar are a bit of a super company. Not only are they committed to making us naturally delicious, healthy snacks that are Veggie, Vegan and coeliac friendly, they intend on changing the world just that little bit whilst doing so. Please do go have a look see at their website for more information! 

All the goodness of super seeds with tasty pumpkin supported by sunflower, sesame and hemp in a delicious blend.

So when 9Bar said seeded, they really meant seeded -This 40g delight is comprised of 71% seeds and you could certainly tell.. It was absolutely packed! The bar itself was very, very sticky and smelt mildly nutty - I did double check the ingredients just to ensure that no nuts were present! Taking a bite was a softer experience than what I expected. It was very chewy with some parts being harder than others but overall, had a pleasant texture. The pumpkin seeds really were the star of the show here with the flavour shining through all the other elements. The bar tasted extremely nutty which caused me to scan the ingredients for a third time - It hadn't changed since I last looked.. Still no peanuts. As the bar was so densely packed, some of the seeds did get stuck in the teeth and I did momentarily consider its likeness to rabbit food but with the extra added sweetness, you can't complain to much! 

All I can do is sing 9Bars praises - These bars are literally perfect for everyone! They fill you up big time and I don't know about you but I found the subtle sweetness to be a nice change to all the sugar loaded snacks I consume! There are a whole host of different flavoured bars to try from 9Bar.. Some that actually do contain peanuts and some that do not. I am drawn towards the Almond & Raspberry myself.. Oh and the Coconut, of course! 

Who needs Ben & Jerry's when you've got 9Bars? Not me - Its a 4 out of 5! 

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