Saturday, 19 March 2016

Review- M&S Country Vegetable Soup

I love Soup and have spoken about it many a time here on R4R.. But I also have big issues with the stuff. The majority contain peas, chickpeas, lentils, green beans and a whole load of other ingredients that I can't eat! This makes finding a Vegetable Soup near impossible but thankfully, M&S have pulled their finger out with this Country offering! 

A traditional chunky soup with potatoes, carrots, swede, turnips and leek. 

I picked up the 600g tub of NEW RECIPE Soup for £2 although you can always Buy 1 Get 1 Half Price - The range is extensive so there is bound to be another that takes your fancy! I am not exactly sure how this recipe differs from the old but I'm not going to argue given the lack of peas and I don't expect Gluten Free-er or Veggies will either as the soup is suitable for both!

As instructed, I microwaved my soup which I poured into a bowl for about 4 minutes until it was scolding hot. Boiling on the hob is always an option though if the old fashioned method, does it for you - I would actually be interested to know how many people still do this.. It seems medieval. Or perhaps I'm just lazy. 

Vegetable Soup with actual chunks in abundance? Say it isn't so! - It was absolutely loaded! Quite liquidy itself, the almost Broth like soup was thickened by all the fairly sizeable cubes of veg which still had some bite to them rather than being a mush. Flavour wise, you could definitely tell what it was meant to be with the carrot in particular coming through as well as the swede. The onion and leek gave some oomph to the overall taste with the few bits of celery floating about, adding subtle tones. A final sprinkling of salt and pepper went a long way to heighten everything and despite hating the latter, I am thankful for its inclusion - Without it, I can see the soup being quite bland.. But there was nothing to worry about here! 

Overall, this Country Vegetable Soup is warming*, filling, tasty and not to mention, very good for you - There is nothing not to love! I will definitely be buying it again as I for one can't pass up something that isn't completely like a pointless Broth and more importantly, doesn't contain all the bad legumes! Well done M&S, you've produced a winner! It's a 4 out of 5 from me. 

*Does anyone know where Spring is? It's cold and wet.


  1. Look at the spoon action shot right there! Xx

    1. That was actually harder to achieve then you would think.. I had to scoop with my right hand and then hold the spoon in place in my left and then take the picture with my right haha! Who would have thought it would be so complex! xx