Friday, 25 March 2016

Review- Tesco Finest The Coconut Egg

All together now! Come on, sing with me! I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts.. There they are, all standing in a row! ..Well, when I say all, what I actually mean is 2. I bought Tesco Finest, The Coconut Egg on Monday and then guess what turned up yesterday? Another one from the Nut to my Coco - Mrs 1T! I'm starting to think she only does these things to get shout outs.. That's 2 in 2 days now!

Belgian white chocolate with toasted coconut, hand decorated with milk chocolate and cocoa powder with coconut truffles. 

Isn't it glorious? £10 I paid at the beginning of the week for the 370g monstrosity of a Coconut accompanied by 5 Coconut Truffles which I thought was fairly reasonable.. But then again, I would probably sell my first born child for a Coconut given my love of the stuff! If you aren't quite as obsessed or don't fancy flogging your offspring, word on the street AKA Instagram is that the Egg is currently on offer for £7 so hopefully there are still a few knocking about!

Coconut Truffles

Starting with the pearlescent Truffles which today, appear to be on a blue background - Please excuse my horrid kitchen lighting! Slightly smaller than a Lindor in size, a crisp, thick, white chocolate shell encased a butter like centre that can only be described as perfect. The melt was exceptional with the most creamy, rich coconut flavour whilst being just the right amount of sweetness - Flawless.

The Coconut Egg

Moving onto the star of the show.. The Coconut Egg! Getting into the thing was a challenge - I bashed it on the table as a whole and it didn't crack as expected. I whacked it on the floor and still nothing. I took the biggest knife I could find and lobbed at it.. Nope, it wasn't going to budge. By this point, my Grandad who was sat at the Dining Room table having Tech Time, started giving me strange looks and thought it was an actual Coconut that I was trying to get into! My last resort was a sawing sort of action which finally did the job.. I was in! The chunky, Belgian white chocolate shell looked most inviting with visible coconut flakes running throughout with the outside most definitely looking the part thanks to a scraped coating of milk chocolate and cocoa powder. Taste wise, it was a case of love at first bite. Creamy and sweet with both vanilla as well as toasty coconut tones, the chocolate certainly didn't falter in terms of flavour or quality. Each piece melted on the tongue with a contrasting soft chew, from all the flakes which felt extra special and quite different! The cocoa went a long way in cutting any chance of things becoming to sweet and was all round, bloomin' marvellous! 

Overall, Tesco really have done a spiffing job here with this Finest, The Coconut Egg - It looks amazing.. It tastes amazing.. That is all I can say! The Coconut Truffles are also out of this world good as well as being far superior to their Lindt Lindor equivalent and I could quite easily eat them by the bucketful - I reckon they would make a fab addition to the all year round, confectionary aisle! 

Please do go seek out this Easter Egg if you are yet to have one (Or even if you do!), you won't be disappointed.. And if you turn out to be so, just send it my way - I am more than happy to have another to add to my collection! Thanks Kirks! It's full marks from me today.. 5 out of 5! 

Have a lovely Easter, Folks and enjoy your Bank Holiday! 

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