Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Review- The Chocolate Smith's Easter Egg Custard Bizarre

As some of you may already know, it was my Birthday last week.. And boy, was I spoilt! All my lovely fellow blogging buddies went a little mad in showering me with gifts and in turn, are pretty much keeping me fed for the forseeable future. This can only mean one thing.. An influx of shout outs! Kicking things off today, is a chocolate bar from the Hand Selfie Snack King that is Kev and I have only one thing to say..

Bored of Easter Eggs? What about Easter Egg Custard? We've created a delicious hand made Belgian white chocolate bar with runny yellow custard filling to give you an entirely different Easter Egg experience! 

THANK GOD IT ISN'T BACON! I'm still quite traumatised from my very thoughtful, yet DISGUSTING Christmas present so was ever to pleased with this LE Easter Egg Custard Bizarre Bar from The Chocolate Smith's.. Thanks Butty, you done good!  

A picture of this chocolate almost didn't occur as I was so intent on scoffing it.. But I do distinctly recall the stripes of pastel orange running horizontally across the underside of the bar with two blobs, looking suspiciously like egg yolks, on the top. This must be the runny custard filling, right? Well, yes but no - There was no run, ooze or goo in sight with a texture that was more of a thick "dry" fondant than the sauce I envisaged. Taste wise, the chunky white chocolate itself was sweet, vanilla-y and a bit like a better quality MilkyBar with a far superior melt and smoothness. As for the custard element, it was neither here nor there.. Not Birds, not Ambrosia and certainly not anything more "premium" - All I could taste was diabetes from pure sugar.. And I liked it!

Overall and although this Easter Egg Custard Bizarre didn't exactly live up to its name or was the custard it promised, I did enjoy it.. And would happily eat another (Kev, take note!) - Who doesn't love a MilkyBar at the end of the day?! Bump up both the ooze factor and custardy flavour and The Chocolate Smith's would be on to a total winner - It's a 3.5 out of 5 from me! 


  1. I agree with regards to the ooze and more custard needed! I tried this bar too and although it was pleasant enough of a bar it didn't fulfil it's custardy name haha.

    1. Yep, I totally agree! If it's called custard, it needs to be loaded.. Custard to the face, loaded! Haha xx