Thursday, 17 March 2016

Review- Rendles Cherry & Almond Cake

There is a less known wonder of the world that is so secret and elusive, I'm pretty sure only myself, The Bananah, Mrs 1T and Nibs are aware of it.. The Rendles Bakewell Flapjack! It's as amazing as it sounds but none of us have managed to locate it other then when on my trips to Suffolk, where the company is based. Old Mrs 1T however has found the brand in one of her local Garden Centres but instead of something oaty.. This time we've got something cakey!

A tantalising loaf cake pack full of sweet glacè cherries. 

Behold! The Cherry & Almond Cake! I squealed when discovering this delight in my magnificent Birthday box from the babe that is Mrs 1T. You can't beat anything Cherry and you certainly can't beat anything almond - It's a fact. 

The 280g loaf was in a traditional liner with a sneaky cherry peaking through the top which definitely reassured me it was legit.. Ignoring the 11 E numbers in the ingredients list, of course.

As promised, the cherries were certainly packed with both big and small chunks running throughout the pink tinged cake which ensured there was plenty in every mouthful. The texture was very much a dense Madeira sponge rather than anything light and fluffy. Bizarrely, thumb imprints were left where I had given it a squish - A bit like a undercooked bread really although of course, this wasn't! Although moist, the slice definitely required a drink to get it down as it was quite stodgy.. But given the sweet, buttery taste and the almond element being spot on, it was hardly a chore to have a cuppa! The similarity to its Flapjack brother was uncanny in being just right side of artificial, packed with Bakewell flavour.. And very much addictive! Yum! 

All in all, I enjoyed this Rendles Cherry & Almond Cake thoroughly despite its slightly odd texture - It didn't deter me and MSW eating it in 1 sitting so it couldn't have been that bad! If you like Bakewell, almond or just cherries for that matter, then I highly recommend you seek one out.. I know I'll be doing just that - Well, thats if I survive having consumed almost a dozen E numbers.. Hmm. A 3.5 out of 5 from me - Thanks Kirks

*NibsnScribs AKA Peanut is to thank for this review - She's brilliant. 

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