Thursday, 19 May 2016

Review- Thomas J. Fudge's Wonderful White Chocolate Flapjacks

You'll never guess what I've finally managed to locate.. I'll tell you what, Thomas J. Fudge's Wonderful White Chocolate Flapjacks! It's only taken me about 6 months but I finally stumbled across them in Waitrose and snapped up the £3.25, LE box promptly! 

We appear to have moved on from balancing buildings on ones head to a rather natty, fruit hat.. Good luck to you when you get stung by a buzzy insect in the summer sun or even better, when it starts to rot and drip all down your neck - Pretty images for everyone there. 

I've missed the 8 items in a plastic tray within a cardboard outer packaging.. Haven't you? It's classic Fudge's!

I have to admit on first impressions, I wasn't blown away - The Flapjacks smelt nothing like the Milk Chocolate variety with no real buttery scent or syrup tones with more of a semi sweet rabbit food aroma! Texture wise, they were equally not up to scratch thanks to a much drier and crumbly feel that really wasn't all that pleasant to chew - It was too "bitty" and had relatively hard oats in places. As for the flavour, there was also quite a lot to improve on. The lack of decent scent certainly reflected in taste with very little in terms of butteriness or sweetness along with the unfortunate kick of bitter "orange" which I swear was more grapefruit and didn't appreciate at all! The abundance of cranberries did go some way in making it more palatable and went well with the thick coating of creamy, white chocolate.. But disappointingly couldn't mask what was essentially, a poor excuse for a Flapjack! 

Oh dear. My beloved Thomas J. Fudge's seem to have come down with an almighty crash! I don't know what they're playing at as usually, their treats are flawless and I moan that there isn't enough in the box and yet with these dry, grapefruit Flapjack wannabes, you couldn't pay me to eat them! Thank goodness MSW liked them otherwise the bin would have been their fate - It's a 1 out of 5 from me. 


  1. Where do I start?? 6 months to locate and yet they are limited edition, how suspect!! Semi sweet rabbit food oh dear me, at least flops would be pleased!! Haha. Such a shame these are naff, we loved Mr Fudge's

    1. Dead suss, Peanut! This is why I didn't give them a LE in the title - They are not worthy. I am pretty sure they are only good for flops! And MSWs! Haha. A dry grapefruit flapjack is a flapjack good for no one :(. Thank you for adding the xx. Xx

  2. Its not a bad bake