Monday, 23 May 2016

Review- Cadbury NEW Spread: Caramel and Crunchie

I don't know if I've just been a dummy and completely missed the press release but it appears Cadbury have NEW Spreads out - Huzzah! Caramel and Crunchie versions is where it is at and although not exactly adventurous.. I was still pretty chuffed spotting them when shopping. 

It was of course in Tesco where I found these 400g screw top jars, priced at £2.25 each - I very much like how the packaging reflects the actual chocolate bars! Further snazzy news.. They are only bloomin' suitable for Vegetarians!

A swirly and a bobbly - The Spreads looked the part! 


If only you could smell through your Tech screens as the scent was sensational! - Buttery, caramelly, sweet goodness! Taking a scoop, the Spread appeared to be very soft and ready for spreading but naturally, I just ate it as it was, there and then. Silky smooth in texture and a good chocolatey flavour was the first thing to hit me which then developed into a super sweet toffee like taste - Not super high quality but decent enough. It was a little to easy to eat one spoonful after another but fair warning, it did get a tad cloying.. I expect this would be eliminated though if you had it on something rather than straight out of the jar! It's a 3.5 out of 5 from me. 


Up next.. The Crunchie Spread! Once again, it smelt divine and this time, almost coffee like despite none being listed in the ingredients. Another difference I noticed immediately was that the contents of the jar seemed to be a tad thicker to the above with more resistance when scooping - Perhaps due to the nibs or maybe just pot luck! Taste wise, it was less sweet and more cocoa rich to the Caramel with a fudgey hint along with a whiff of that coffee I could smell.. Or imagined more like! The honeycomb pieces added the signature Crunchie taste and were a lovely contrast in texture to the soft, although some bits were really quite hard so I would advise going easy and watching your teeth! It's a 4 out of 5 from me. 

Well, I don't know why these NEW Spreads haven't been plastered everywhere online as they really aren't half bad! Yes, they are very sweet and probably quite sickly if you ate a lot.. But on toast, porridge or heaven forbid, spread on a cake, they will do the job nicely! Well done, Cadbury.. Mondaléz.. Whatever you're calling yourself nowadays. 


  1. Hurrah, they haven't put bacon in them!

    They do sound amazingly lush. I'm puzzled why my hamper didn't have a few jars of them in, hmmph! Xx

    1. Haha no bacon in sight, Butty!

      Because your hamper was only ever going to be poop? Lol! Could you handle the sugar high though, thats the real question! xx

    2. I fear they may indeed send me a bit loopy :( But it would be so worth it! xx

  2. Love the packaging! Would it be good on bagels?

  3. I need the Caramel one. I don't even care if I get diabetes.