Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Review- Asda NEW Hog Roast Pasties

The humble Pasty - A British Classic. Despite never been to their Cornish home and probably never having had the real deal regardless of any "authentic" claims, I have always enjoyed them. It was when on a recent trip to Asda that something a bit wild caught my eye.. Breaking completely from the traditional beef and vegetable recipe, they've only gone down the pork route! - It's NEW Hog Roast Pasties. 

I picked up the packet of 6 for £1.85 in the Pie/Quiche/Sausey Roll aisle where they were situated with a whole array of NEW picnic-esque goodies to be enjoyed either hot or cold. Personally, I always opt for the latter option so did just that and didn't turn on the oven on to 160ºC fan and cook for 6-8 minutes.. But you always can if you want! 

Pork and roasted shredded pork with Bramley apple and sage filling in buttery shortcrust pastry. 

Cutting the Pasty in two, the lack off filling was immediately plain to see with a big airy gap in each half.. Typical! - Why is it that more often than not, such snacks lack a decent centre?! I didn't want to write them off completely so tried to overlook the initial disappointment and am glad I did.. Buttery and crumbly, the pastry shell itself was delicious, just of the right thickness and making for the ideal casing to the soft meat inside. The flavour of pork paired with sweet yet subtle apple was of course, a match made in heaven with a real herby-ness to only improve things further. I did notice a slight hint of black pepper/spice but I don't expect anyone else would and certainly wasn't to much - Not even for sensitive old me! 

Overall and lack of filling aside, these NEW Hog Roast Pasties are really quite pleasant. They are fab cold, would make a great addition to any summer Picnic and I can see them going down a treat if you take them for what they are - Quick, cheap and simple. Nice one Asda, it's a 3.5 out of 5 from me. 


  1. I imagine the pastry collapses into the airy gap once cooked? Xx

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