Friday, 27 May 2016

Review- M&S NEW Activehealth Roasted Vegetable Ravioli with Tomato Sauce

So, after eating all that Chocolate Spread, I am thinking I need to get back on the healthy and start lowering my cholestrol once more.. Move over scrumptious Slow Cooked Lamb, Roasted Vegetable Ravioli is here! 

Free range egg pasta parcels filled with roasted vegetables with a smoked tomato sauce, roasted baby plum tomatoes and parsley. 

I don't know if M&S heard me moaning about the price of these NEW activehealth meals or what but the entire range is now a Mix & Match, 3 for £10 deal which is far more reasonable than having to fork out £4.25 each! 

I stabbed the 355g, Veggie friendly meal with a fork, ready to pop into the microwave for about 4 minutes.. Although you can also whack it in the oven at 160ºC Fan for 15 minutes, if you live for hard work. 

It looked a real treat after a good zapping! - Gloriously tomato-ey with a very rich, slightly smokey scent. I have to admit, I was hoping the latter wasn't going to reflect to much in the taste.. 

Thankfully, my wishes came true as the smoked tomato sauce wasn't really smokey at all - Just tomato all the way! 7 large and generously coated Ravioli were the star of the show with a soft bite (Some might say al dente!) and well filled vegetable centre. As expected, the pasta paired up perfectly with the not to sloppy, super fresh tasting sauce which came with a ever so slight hint of basil. The whole baby tomatoes were another element in abundance with 6 present.. But unfortunately, the skins were really quite unpleasantly chewy - I ended up peeling them and just eating the soft, juicy centre! One other negative which although didn't effect the overall deliciousness, was how one of the Ravioli had gone crisp. I can only assume this was down to not being covered in sauce fully which was unfortunate but easily avoidable with a bit of shifting about, next time! 

What on earth has happened to M&S? This Roasted Vegetable Ravioli is another champion product from the store! I am starting to worry a bit really.. I'm seeing past "faults" like undigestible tomato skins and occasional plaster like pasta all for an amazingly potent sauce come carb fest. You wouldn't even recognise it as a healthy meal either - It tastes that good.. And even better with cheese on top! 

Could they be "poisoning" us all into liking them? Perhaps. Are they intent on taking all our money? Wouldn't put it past them. Is this all part of a grand scheme in which we get hooked on Spirit of Summer? Without a shadow of a doubt. It's a cracking 4.5 out of 5 from me! 


  1. I am so talking Ben in to an M&S trip ASAP with the promise of one dinner for him and two for me!

  2. Ooh this looks really good! I haven't tried any of the new Active Health meals yet but all I've read is good reviews - definitely think I'm going to have to pick a few of them up when I'm next in.

    1. You absolutely must! They are so tasty and you really wouldn't know they were healthy numbers :D xx