Thursday, 5 May 2016

Review- Pot Noodle NEW Mac & Cheese

I have a confession to make.. Best take a deep breath and brace yourself as I have never eaten a Pot Noodle in my entire life. Apparently this isn't deemed "normal" and in turn, always been shunned because of it... Time's are about to change though as I picked up this NEW Mac & Cheese number! I'm embracing the Noodle and making friends at the same time! 

Bought purely on the basis of my love of the "real" cheesy, pasta stuff, the 90g pot cost me £1 and was purchased from Tesco although they are only 50p in Asda! - Naughty Tesco. 

Noodles in a Macaroni Cheese flavour sauce and a little sachet of tomato sauce. 

Given my zero lack of experience with a Pot Noodle, I followed the instructions to the letter, starting with ripping off the lid, whipping out the sachet (I didn't know they came with sachets!?) and proceeded to add boiling water up to the first line and leave for 2 minutes. 

I gave it a stir and waited another 2 minutes.. It was still surprisingly liquidy? I assumed the water would absorb but this wasn't the case despite waiting 8 minutes in total! 

I decided to get stuck in as I wanted to try it hot.. The regret was almost instant. "What is this crap!?" was my immediate thought when chomping away on the soft yet tasteless noodles. The flavour, which can only be described as somewhere between nothing and plastic was equally as grim with no cheesyness or any of the chive and garlic, listed in the ingredients. It did however have a sort of powder taste to it, regardless of the loose "well dissolved" consistency. Given that things couldn't get much worse, I did try some with the Tomato Sauce sachet which was super strong but very sweet and salty at the same time - It was plain rough. After 2 mouthfuls, I was done and left it for BSW to try..

He did well! - Far better than me. It was only this last bit he couldn't get down which is when I offered up some of the bright red sauce. "I'd probably be sick to be fair" was his words and we left it at that. 

Good Lord. So this NEW Mac & Cheese Pot Noodle is foul - The flavour is appalling in being anything but cheese, the sauce doesn't thicken and without a shadow of a doubt will be my first and last one ever! I wouldn't even want to try a different flavour.. I'd much rather go back to being shunned! It's a 0 out of 5 from me. 


  1. I agree. After 2 mouthfuls it went in the bin. Disgusting! Not one of the manufacturers better ideas!

  2. I agree. After 2 mouthfuls it went in the bin. Disgusting! Not one of the manufacturers better ideas!

  3. I love Mac and Cheese Pot Noodles. You be dissing good food. But if you want better Pot Noodles, my two favourites are Brazilian BBQ Steak and Sticky Rib