Saturday, 7 May 2016

Review- Asda NEW Bourbon Cake

Like a woman possessed after the epic, Custard Cream of a few weeks ago, I couldn't wait to try the chocolate cake version of a biscuit classic.. The Birthday Bourbon was purchased! Who decided that certain Cakes were meant specifically for Birthdays anyways? Surely that's Cake discrimination. 

Once again, the Whopper of a delight cost £7 and designed to feed 16.. Although I am sure it is overall larger than the Custard Cream despite the obvious shape difference - It is a shame Asda didn't include a weight on the boxes!*

What a whopper! This cake takes the biscuit.. our spectacular sponge sandwich flooded with chocolate flavour buttercream filling and topped with chocolate flavour icing - perfect with a cuppa! 

Tadaaaa! One slightly squiffy and buffed yet still effective looking, Bourbon Cake. I love the attention to detail - A sprinkling of sugar goes a hell of a long way in making or breaking said biscuit! 

Slicing up the Cake, a knife went through the layers with no real effort to reveal the chocolatey goodness which smelt nothing but delicious - Not of biscuits though as I had hoped!

Pro tip - Always go for the corner piece of a cake.. You get double the icing! Speaking of this rolled chocolate fondant, it was a lot harder than the soft, malleable kind of the Custard Cream Cake as well as being noticeably thinner - Thankfully, this didn't effect the taste and was still as sweet and chocolatey. A good squidgy texture came from the sponge which I would say was a cross between cake and brownie with a rich flavour and absolute zero in the way of dryness. Sandwiched between the 2 layers was of course the buttercream. Again, although less than I expected, it was beautifully light and whipped with further sweet, chocolate tones and generally scrummy! Sadly no Bourbon flavour transpired but this didn't take away from the Cake being enjoyable.. Not to mention almost tasting homemade!

OK, so this NEW Bourbon Cake may just be a chocolate cake dressed as a biscuit but it is a very yummy one.. And not to mention, very aesthetically pleasing! No, it doesn't come anywhere close to the Custard Cream but I have never had a supermarket chocolate sponge (Cake/Brownie hybrid) quite like it or anywhere near as good so it isn't a complete fail for Asda. A difficult one to mark - It's a 3.5 out of 5 from me!

*I did some maths and worked out that each of the cakes if meant to weigh 800g (I think). I don't believe it. 


  1. Hmmmm doesnt appear to be flooded with chocolate buttercream. Shame it is not really like said Bourbon but it certainly looks delightful!! xx P.S bravo for not using the M word!!!! xxx

    1. You're right Peanut, it doesn't! I don't know if it would be possibly to achieve the actual taste of a Bourbon in a cake.. Unless someone made Bourbon extract.. Hmmmm. IT WAS ALL FOR YOU! I WASN'T GOING TO UPSET THE APPLE CART! :D xx

  2. This cake looks so heavenly! I dont think it'd be too hard to make it more bourbon-y...just add some crushed Bourbon biscuits in, surely? xx

    1. No. This would make me angry as that's just a cop out. Sort it out Kev. xx