Thursday 3 December 2015

Snackmas Day 3- Krispy Kreme Parcels of Joy

I get very excited at the prospect of new Krispy Kremes. I know they are ridiculously expensive for what they are but I can't ever say no to a doughnut! Myself and the fellow fanatic, NibsnScribs have been speculating about what the Christmas realease would be and came to the conclusion pretty swiftly, that the best and only real option would be a Red Velvet. Of course, KK didn't listen and stuck with the boring, Chocolate Truffle and Strawberry Gloss Parcels of Joy which I am pretty sure are the same as Last Christmas.. 

I wouldn't call these doughnuts, Parcel shaped exactly.. Both of mine were oblong with wonky bows to match with the Strawberry Gloss being considerably smaller than the Chocolate Truffle. 

Chocolate Truffle

Filled with chocolate truffle kreme, then hand decorated with a caramel bow and a sprinkle of gold dust! 

Wonky bow aside, I guess the little Parcel did look quite cute really - You can't beat a bit of sparkle! I thought it smelt very chocolatey but it then developed into a sawdusty sort of smell which is a bit odd but on to the tasting! The dough was very good - Light and airy with the usual KK flavour. A fairly generous, whipped filling was in the centre which was very creamy in texture and tasted pleasantly cocoa rich.. At first! The flavour developed into a sort of artificial cooking chocolate with 0 in the way of caramel and in turn, spoiled things unfortunately! I did however enjoy the soft and squidgy textures and slightly sugary crunch from the topping but that alone can't save a lack lustre, fake doughnut! Its a 2 out of 5 from me.

Strawberry Gloss

Filled with white chocolate kreme, hand dipped in a sparkly strawberry gloss and finished with a cute bow. 

Having only ever had one of the Strawberry Gloss Ring Doughnuts previously, I wasn't to sure what to expect in terms of flavour from the sparkly topping - It felt very sticky and didn't smell of an awful lot.. Nor did it taste of much - It was some very very mild Strawberry, thats for sure! Once again, the dough was good with no heavy, stodgyness with a thick filling of smooth Kreme. Taste wise, it wasn't all that different to the "plain" Kreme you find in a Strawberries & Kreme (My fave!) but just sweeter.. The white chocolate element was virtually non existent. Dull, boring and been done before. Its another 2 out of 5. 

Well, that was a missed opportunity, if I ever did see one - Seriously theres more going on in a Silent Night than with these Doughnuts! I can't see why Krispy Kreme couldn't have done something slightly more festive.. Be it Cranberry, Chocolate Orange or heaven forbid, Red Velvet. Someone point me in the direction of a suggestion box! 


  1. Red Velvet is clearly the only way forward! Majorly disappointed at their lack lustre Christmas numbers. Same flavours and changing the shape from a ring to a parcel does not make them festive!! xx

    1. Preach it Sista! I am most disappointed also.. They raise our hopes and always let us down :( Maybe its because we love them that we are so hard on them but that still doesn't excuse the fact they are serial chance missers! xx

  2. How on earth did they ice on those bows so badly? It's like they iced them with their eyes closed for a laugh. It's a shame because the square shape looks quite cute otherwise :(

    1. Haha I have no idea, Kitty Kat - It was a total bodge job clearly which is bad since I got them on the day of release! I wasn't impressed how the Strawb ones were a lot smaller :( xx